cummins&partnersNYC snares 2023’s most highly awarded account leader Louis Lunts from adam&eveDDB London for managing director role

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cummins&partnersNYC snares 2023’s most highly awarded account leader Louis Lunts from adam&eveDDB London for managing director role

(Pictured L-R: Kath Chen, Louis Lunts, Sarah Raine, Michael McConville) 

2023’s most highly awarded account leader, globally – Louis Lunts – has joined cummins&partnersNYC as managing director from adam&eveDDB London.


As the world’s most highly awarded senior client lead this year, the hire of Lunts is quite the coup for the independent agency group. In the past two years, Lunts has helmed Cannes’ most highly- awarded campaign of 2023 in CALM’s “The Last Photo”, earned DDB’s first-ever D&AD Black Pencil for “Hopeline19”, and earned an Emmy nomination for the International Paralympic Committee’s “#WeThe15”: three campaigns which alone earned 114 creative and effectiveness gongs. Before his departure, Lunts also helped to run adam&eveDDB’s flagship PlayStation, Deutsche Telekom, Volkswagen and BlackRock accounts.

With a stellar record of creative and effectiveness accolades under his belt, he now takes on the leadership role of cummins&partnersNYC in close partnership with partners Olivia Santilli and Sean Cummins. He also rounds out the newly refreshed cummins&partners global leadership group, alongside Sarah Raine and Katherine Chen, newly installed general managers of the Melbourne and Sydney offices, respectively.

Says Michael McConville, global CEO, cummins&partners: “I’m beyond thrilled that Louis has joined us. Louis is a rare talent and a wonderful human. He cares about the work, and he cares about people equally. He’s unfailing in his desire to do right by both of those things, and his exquisitely warm nature means people love working with him. That approach simply leads to happy people and better work. You just can’t say enough how that thought and kindness leads to better outcomes. It’s hard to evidence that better than in Louis. Our clients and our people are already feeling the effect of his arrival now that he’s relocated to New York.”

McConville himself was nabbed from adam&eveDDB London to run cummins&partners only last year, with Lunts continuing the flow of talent from adam&eveDDB’s home in London. Both McConville and Lunts spent 5 years at the UK powerhouse, between them running some of the agency’s most high profile accounts such as Volkswagen, John Lewis, PlayStation, BlackRock, Deutsche Telekom, Campaign Against Living Miserably, The International Paralympic Committee and Frontline19.

Says Lunts: “When Michael and I spoke, it very quickly became clear that our shared values could lead to something special. We already knew we could create standout work together because we’ve done it before, but the opportunity to shape something new and ambitious was too good to turn down. The foundation and enduring client relationships that Liv (cummins&partners NYC Partner, Olivia Santilli) and Sean (cummins&partners’ multi-award winning CCO) have created in New York is deeply impressive and I couldn’t be more excited to help write the next chapter. Sean’s creative pedigree, Liv’s strategic insight and Michael’s global leadership are a winning formula which I can’t wait to unleash across the market.”

Louis Lunts joins McConville, Cummins, Santilli, Raine and Chen in the cummins&partners network; the original independent that put creative:media back together. With a global reach, an award- winning pedigree, a new positioning and true differentiation – recently announced through their unique, creative-effectiveness program with live-MMM partner, Mutinex – the agency looks to have pushed past the building of their future-focused agency, and into scaling it.

Adds McConville: “We’ve done the building of it all now. We’ve got the people, the processes, the product. We’ve got the creativity, craft and care. And now we’ve got the crew that knows how to predict what we can deliver, execute it, prove it and evidence real growth for our people, clients and creative culture. We’re buzzing because we know we can deliver differently, and frankly, better. Now we’ll just be looking for that perfect partner per category to prove it. Yep, as I said, we’re buzzing.”