Creative content studio OK COOL answers APAC’s call and opens in Melbourne

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Creative content studio OK COOL answers APAC’s call and opens in Melbourne

Full service creative content studio OK COOL, has officially launched into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region following its success in the EU and US, answering the call of APAC’s biggest brands for content that can cut through the noise.


Ellen Fox, former head of operations at OK COOL London returns home to Australia to take on the role of managing director APAC after six years working alongside founders chief brand officer Jolyon Varley and chief creative officer Liz Stone, 2021 Forbes Europe Media and Marketing 30 under 30.

Founded in the UK in 2015, OK COOL has enjoyed an impressive trajectory, growing from a boutique content house to a global creative content studio network, comprising ~50 strategists, creatives and tastemakers, who don’t just speculate on culture, but make it and shape it. With studios in London, New York and now Melbourne, OK COOL has secured rapid recognition being the global go-tos for TikTok and META, as well as indispensable creative content partners to the world’s biggest brands including Spotify, Nike, Tag Heuer, Gucci Beauty, Heineken and more.

The global authority on culture shaping creative content, OK COOL’s annual Chaos in the For You Page and The New Luxe are essential reads for the world’s best marketers seeking to humanise their brands, to connect to subcultures to unlock new audiences, and to create cool paid and organic content that converts.

Creative content studio OK COOL answers APAC’s call and opens in Melbourne

Translating humanity into scale, and product into personal is what OK COOL does with a service offering that spans social media consultancy, full service creative concept and content production, creator and talent management, digital experience, and implementation.

OK COOL’s strategic move is supported by a number of tier-1 APAC brands growing creative content needs in the region. This is reinforced by a highly skilled leadership team, including ex Havas and Big Red Communications group business director Anya Gully whose strategic foresight initiated the content studio’s move into the region. A creative director with a strong cross-category track record and deep understanding of regional dynamics will also join the studio in the coming months. The studio’s initial focus will be on expanding its presence in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, and South Korea, reflecting OK COOL’s continuous growth as a leading creative content studio spanning the EU, US, and now APAC.

With many eagerly awaiting their arrival, OK COOL has already launched successful campaigns in the region for Cathay Pacific and Rosewood Hotels in Hong Kong, Don Papa Rum in the Philippines, and most recently an above the line campaign to generate buzz for one of Hayu’s biggest shows here in Australia. OK COOL continues to be in conversation with a selection of exciting APAC enterprises with multiple new relationships to be announced imminently.

Creative content studio OK COOL answers APAC’s call and opens in Melbourne

Says Varley: “At OK COOL we recognise that modern brand building takes place in social. It’s a place where brands become ‘human’, and humans become ‘brands’. We manage this brand building through platforms that promote chaotic evolution. These platforms are culture ‘petri-dishes’, environments in which a brand participating in a new trend or speaking to a new niche audience can unlock exponential growth and opportunities. We look forward to continuing to unlock these opportunities for our new APAC clients.”

Says Fox: “I’m extremely excited to bring our services to the APAC region. Early conversations with brands and social platforms have made it clear there’s demand for a specialised social media offering that brings the level of cultural insight, creativity and production expected of an above the line campaign to content. What also has me buzzing is the level of talent in local creatives, producers, directors and content makers – the rest of the world has been sleeping on APAC.”