Could a burrito be the antidote to a soul destroying debrief? The Hallway reckon it is


You know the feeling – you’ve worked your butt off to nail the brief, had sleepless nights, countless arguments with your partner, your suits, yourself. You know this is the one. You’ve imagined it getting made, the warm Cannes sand between your toes, crisp rose’ on your lips at the Colombe D’or, a promotion when you get home. And then comes the debrief: “I showed it to my daughter, she’s studying design, and she didn’t get it”. Your hopes and dreams shatter, opening up a void inside you. What to do now?


“When that little piece of you dies, replace it with a Burrito” says The Hallway in a pro bono campaign inviting Pyrmont based agency folk to discover the culinary delights of Harris Street’s La Taza cafe.

The campaign features hyper targeted placements in Facebook news feeds and Instagram stories during breakfast and lunch hunger periods. This will be complimented by a peer-to-peer outreach programme across email and social platforms.

Says Simon Lee, ECD, The Hallway: “La Taza’s burritos have been breakfast and lunchtime favourites for The Hallway team since we moved to the neighborhood. But it’s been tough going for the owners – Tariq and Murray since last year’s lockdown. We wanted to do something to help our mates out, and with the Publicis building now open and all the Enero agencies up the road, a call out to agency people seemed like a good idea. So to all of you working on Harris Street, please give La Taza a go – and don’t wait til a little piece of you dies to do so.”

La Taza is at Shop 6, 45-55 Harris Street, Pyrmont next to John St Light Rail Station. The Hallway recommends The Tradie for brekky and the Chicken Burrito with healthy filling and chipotle & hot sauce combo for lunch. Check out their menu.