Cos We Can consciously uncouple

Cos We Can consciously uncouple

After 10 fabulous years of ‘Cos We Can’ Clare and Fran have decided to become… well… Clare and Fran again.


Since making their first film ‘First Love’ a girls surfing documentary, the girls have been riding the advertising wave.

Says Clare and Fran: “We’ve loved every moment of working and traveling together but it’s time to pursue our own careers and expand our network and skills by working with new collaborators’ says the uncoupled couple.

“We’d like to thank all our amazing mentors and friends within the industry for their support, guidance and of course – work!”

Fran is available as a freelance producer and is in development on a series with Werner Film Productions while Clare is juggling advertising and drama commitments and will continue to be represented as a director with Guilty.

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