book cover copy.jpgA book to launch a new generation of copywriter.

The secret to seductive copy will be revealed at the Copywriting In Action book launch on Friday, 20 March at Storey Hall, RMIT Melbourne.

Author Nicolas Di Tempora takes the reader on a journey to discover the process of creating a compelling piece of communication, from the development of a single-minded concept to the completion of the final draft.

From get go, the reader takes front seat in a master class taught with an energetic, challenging and stimulating dialogue between Teacher and Student. “I loved it.” Says Jane Caro, copywriter and panellist on the Gruen Transfer. “I used to think there were no really good textbooks about copywriting, but I’ve changed my mind.”

The act of copywriting for print, screen, radio and the web are demonstrated in five compelling, page-turning chapters, making this the bible for the new generation of students and practitioners of marketing, advertising, professional writing and graphic design.

“By the time you get to the end of this book, you will be equipped with all the skills, disciplines and knowledge that are necessary if you want to become a successful copywriter,” says creative legend Ron Mather.

World renowned copywriter John Bevins agrees: “If I’d had this book when I first started, and read it attentively, I could have discovered the Holy Grail in 15 minutes. It’s there in six words, but I’ll not give It away.”

Copywriter and teacher, Nicolas Di Tempora, has been working for 28 years as a copywriter and art director in the advertising business for agencies such as JWT International, Saatchi & Saatchi and DDB, collecting awards along the way.

Copies of Copywriting In Action will be available at the launch and from

Copywriting In Action book Launch

When: Friday, 20 March

Time: 6-9pm

Place: Storey Hall RMIT, 342 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Guest speakers from advertising, RMIT University and graduates of Copywriting in Action will inaugurate the book launch.