Confronting interviews take centre stage in SA Police’s latest road safety campaign via NATION


Every year families, friends, communities, and first responders experience the trauma caused by lives lost in horrific car crashes. The SA Police Media Road Safety Unit has teamed up with NATION to expose the long-lasting psychological and emotional scars left by road trauma in a new campaign.


Telling the story of the crash that killed 18-year-old Nick Holbrook, the campaign features a series of interviews with Nick’s best mate who killed him, his parents and the first responders who attended the catastrophic scene. The emotional turmoil is still evident and depicts each interviewee in their own unescapable mental prison.

Richard Blackwell, manager, Media Road Safety Unit at SA Police: “In a heavily mined category, finding new ways to approach old problems becomes more and more challenging. Presenting an actual member of our target audience describing in their own words the consequences of their choices is a powerful new one.”

Says Nick Brz, creative director at NATION: “This campaign is one that means a lot to me personally. I can remember being in similar situations when I was younger and only through pure luck avoiding disaster. I truly hope the result makes everyone think twice about how we all behave on the road.”

A powerful content series of 13 clips were created around the crash and all finish with the compelling and thought-provoking line, ‘What damage will your driving do?’

The campaign appears across TV, social, digital, press and outdoor.

View all the films here.

South Australia Police:
Manager Media Road Safety – Richard Blackwell
Media and Communications Advisor – Melissa McCaig

CEO – Greg Knagge
Creative Director – Nick Brz
Head of Copy – Katheryn Korczak
Project Director / Agency Producer – Judi Oehme

Production House – Firebox
Director – Richard Coburn
Producer – Leona Cichon
DOP – Aaron Gully
Offline editor / grader – Richard Coburn
Sound House – BestFX
Audio Engineer – Pete Best