Compulsive Productions moves back into its newly renovated Cremorne/Richmond studio

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Compulsive Productions has moved back into its newly renovated Cremorne/Richmond studio, which is fast becoming a destination space for agencies, brands and other clients.

Designed by award-winning architect Matt Gibson, the Compulsive studio is an unique space featuring two state-of-the-art edit suites housed within custom made plywood pods. 

The brief was to create a studio unlike any in Melbourne, both impeccable in design but also a comfortable, functional workspace. The result is a lesson in the beauty of fractal lines, trigonometry and lots and lots of glass – all of which come together to emulate barrel of a camera lens. 

Says Compulsive founder/director Matt Hopper: “I’ve had the studio space for about seven years, and I really wanted to transform the open plan office into an exciting place not only for clients to visit, but also for everyone to work in.”

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Compulsive currently has a small number hot desks available for talented creatives who want to be part of this distinctive work environment. The space is located right around the corner from many of Melbourne’s most successful advertising agencies, so is ideal for freelancers working in the advertising industry who have a passion for collaboration. 

Says Hopper: “It’s really exciting to finally see the vision realized and we’re really looking forward to showing it off to a whole lot of new clients.”

Compulsive is located at 29 Jessie Street, Cremorne.