Compare the Market reclaims ‘Daylight SavingS’ in cheeky campaign via VCCP Sydney


As millions of Australians turned their clocks forward for Daylight Saving, they were reminded to save time and money with Daylight SavingS thanks to Compare the Market’s new campaign via VCCP Sydney.


The tongue-in-cheek campaign which leveraged earned media and engagement on social platforms took aim at Aussies’ habit for misspeaking the term ‘Daylight Saving’ with an additional ‘s’.

A survey of over 1,500 revealed more than half had been getting the phrase wrong, while one in four erroneously thought the clock hands were turning back, not forward.

Taking the issue seriously, Compare the Market’s most eloquent ambassador and handsomest meerkat, Aleksandr Orlov issued correction letters to some of the nation’s best loved reporters and radio hosts.

Aleksandr personally set record straight with Will and Woody on KIIS FM, where he weighed into a debate on common spelling and grammar errors.

The pedantic PSA also struck Hit 106.9, where breakfast hosts Jess, Nick and Ducko were educated on the listening powers of meerkats.

To make the most of the earned exposure, Compare the Market ran adverts across the Southern Cross Austereo and Australian Radio Network, as well as homepage takeovers across some of News Corp Australia’s leading titles and Youtube.

Compare the Market’s general manager for brand, Michael Goodhew said it was an exciting and rare opportunity to imprint a moment in time with the company’s mission – to help Australians save on the cost of running a household: “Thousands of families are sleeping on savings because they don’t make time to look for better deals,” he said. “It’s about time we took the ‘Savings’ out of Daylight ‘Saving’ and returned them to our hip pockets.

“We’re using the clock change as a wake-up call to remind Aussies to reset their personal finances and get on top of their bills.

“While having a bit of fun, we’ve delivered a memorable message about making the time to compare and save.”

The campaign page can be found here:

Campaign Management: Nikolah Best, Compare the Market
Concept: VCCP Sydney
Media relations: Sarah Orr, Compare the Market
Digital PR: Hannah Norton, Compare the Market
Social media: Just Media Design
Design: Marcus Lambinon, Compare the Market
Digital Video: Ricky Murray, Compare the Market
GM of Brand: Michael Goodhew
CMO: Chris Catchpoole