Coke Studio brings real magic to ANZ with first-ever track and music video via WPP Open X + BRING


Today Coke Studio Australia and New Zealand has launched its first-ever track, ‘(Can’t Get You) Off My Mind’, in collaboration with global star Tones And I, fellow Aussie artist and producer Young Franco and Kiwi artist and producer CHAII.


The production was created by WPP Open X in conjunction with Ogilvy (creative); BRING – Universal Music for Brands (music creative); EssenceMediacom (media); Revolver (production); VML (experiential) and Hogarth (design for print and digital assets).

The journey to create this track and accompanying music video was shared with fans through an Access-All–Areas pass via the Coke Studio Hub and each artist’s social media platforms. Fans engaged with the project by sharing their personal interpretations of ‘Better Together’ providing inspiration to the artists as they collaborated on the track.

Kate Miller, senior marketing director at Coca-Cola South Pacific, expressed her excitement about the new launch: “We are absolutely thrilled to introduce the first-ever Coke Studio track in Australia and New Zealand. Bringing our fans along on the creative journey has been a pivotal part of this process, and we’re excited to share ‘Can’t Get You Off My Mind’ with everyone. Coke Studio is all about bringing people together; from the artists to the fans to the creative designers, we have created a platform that truly celebrates local talent. This release marks just the beginning of Coke Studio ANZ, and we look forward to unveiling more collaborations in the months ahead. So, stream it today and follow all the action on the Coke Studio Hub.”

Coke Studio brings real magic to ANZ with first-ever track and music video via WPP Open X + BRING

Says Tones And I: “It was great to work with Young Franco and CHAII, and bring our fans along for the journey at Coke Studio. I think it’s sick that Coke Studio celebrates the power of music in bringing people from different backgrounds, cultures, and styles together. It was a big collaboration for all of us, coming together to make something fun, which is what most music is, I think.”

A variety of collaborators played an active role in bringing the campaign to life, from 3D animation to dance routines, fashion and more, including Revolver director Gabriel Gasparinatos, visual designer Serwah Attafuah, choreographer Kaea Pearce, and stylist Erik Yvon.

Says Anthony Campagna and Jari Kennedy, creative directors, Ogilvy Australia and creative leads at WPP Open X: “We talk a lot about collaboration in our industry, but this project walked the walk. From media to the musicians, director to dancers and everyone in between, we worked together to create a banger of a track and a slick music video. What made this project truly special was that it took on a life of its own, with all the creative collaborators owning and crafting it with genuine passion.”

Says James Griffiths, executive creative director, BRING – Universal Music for Brands: “It has been a real joy bringing the global Coke Studio platform to our shores. The final track is a real earworm, and the music video is a visual masterpiece. Now, the song can take on a life of its own in the hands of our artist’s fans. We can’t wait to see the amazing things that play out from here.”

The new track was performed at an exclusive live event hosted by Coke Studio at Oxford Arts Factory in Central Sydney last week, where hundreds of lucky fans experienced the artists perform the song for the first time as a sneak preview. The full track is now released and officially available across all streaming platforms for all to listen.

Coca-Cola first launched the Coke Studio platform in 2008. It has delighted fans in 53 markets worldwide before launching globally in 2022 and coming to Australia and New Zealand in 2024 to tap into the heart of local culture and their love for music.

This campaign is just the start of Coke Studio’s presence in Australia and New Zealand. Coca-Cola will be bringing more new collisions and experiences to both markets. For future announcements, follow #CokeStudioAU or #CokeStudioNZ or visit the Coke Studio Hub Australia or Coke Studio Hub New Zealand. Check out the new track and music video on YouTube, Apple, and Spotify and all other.

Artist and key partners:
Artists: Tones And I, CHAII, Young Franco
Director:  Gabriel Gasparinatos
Choreographer: Kaea Pearce
Fashion designer Erik Yvon
Visual artist: Serwah Attafuah
Agencies / Production:

Created by WPP Open X
Ogilvy – Creative
BRING – Universal Music for Brands – Music Creative
EssenceMediacom – Media
Revolver – Production
VML – Experiential
Hogarth – Design for Print and Digital Assets