Code Like A Girl celebrates IWD by appointing Media.Monks for website redevelopment

Code Like A Girl celebrates IWD by appointing Media.Monks for website redevelopment

Since its launch in 2015, Code Like A Girl, whose aim is to empower and enable women and girls to be equal creators in tech, has seen more organisations make concerted efforts in the diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) space. Whilst navigating the pandemic has been challenging for the social enterprise, particularly due to its small team, it does not deter its ambition to push the envelope of impact and reimagine the way it can contribute and accelerate systemic and cultural change.


Code Like A Girl is collaborating with Media.Monks to redesign and re-develop its website, so that it can continue to approach its mission to engage meaningfully at scale. This work will be critical to strengthen CLG’s position in the industry and to be able to provide more training access to companies and individuals—regardless of their size, budget or background.

Says Charlotte Ducastel, art director at Media.Monks: “We intentionally want to explore a creative look that’s striking and vibrant; which reflects the brave and courageous nature of many women who are entering the world of coding for the first time.”

To guide the thinking and implementation of the project with an authentic female perspective, Media.Monks chose a core team of women to lead the project: executive producer Marie-Céline Merret Wirström; art director Charlotte Ducastel, designer Revati Tongaonkar; and UX designer Natalie Schaffer.

Says Ally Watson, founder, Code Like A Girl: “This IWD marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration between Media.Monks and Code Like A Girl. Over the next coming months, Media.Monks will be working closely with Code Like A Girl to overhaul the key touch points across our digital presence.”

For the past 12 months, Media.Monks has been working closely with Code Like A Girl to understand the breadth of its work and have since explored different creative directions and approaches to how Code Like a Girl’s digital ecosystem may be streamlined. The new digital experience platform is planned to be launched later this year.

Says Richard Lloyd, MD for content, AUNZ, Media.Monks: “This partnership is important to us as we are making a collective commitment towards building an equitable future. Technology powers the world today and coding is a form of literacy in the 21st century. Working with Code Like A Girl allows us to tag-team and bring our digital creative expertise to amplify the voices and stories of Code Like A Girl’s community.”

Media.Monks also has a dynamic and successful Employee Resource Group programme, one of which is WoMMen in Tech. This group is focused on building a tight-knit network of support for women both within Media.Monks and externally. Working with Code Like A Girl is a natural extension of allyship due to similar areas of interest and a shared willingness to make fundamental commitments to change.

(Pictured front row, left to right: Lara Salameh, Ally Watson, Lizzie Webster and behind, left to right: Helen Matovu-Reed and Amy Efstathis)