Clockwork Films releases new campaign for Unloan directed by Samuel Bennetts

Clockwork Films releases new campaign for Unloan directed by Samuel Bennetts

Clockwork Films is thrilled with the release of a new campaign for Unloan, directed by Samuel Bennetts. A VFX extravaganza, the story follows the ‘Unordinary’ journey Unloan unlocks for a home buyer.



Says Damien Whitney, EP Clockwork Films, ‘The purpose of the film was to highlight Unloan as the ‘home of unordinary home loans’ which meant we were tasked with creating an unconventional film that would not only stand out in the category but be something akin to a visual feast that would capture people’s attention.’

Says Bennetts: ‘Making Unloan was a thrill ride. With a nod to “Alice in Wonderland”, we blurred the lines between fantasy and everyday life to make the incredible seem as real as anything you’d touch. We carefully chose colours and lighting to create a world that felt both magical and familiar. Casting was key; we needed someone who would not just fit into this vibrant world but really bring it to life, making every moment resonate with viewers and turning the story into a deeply immersive experience.’

The final task was to create a feature piece that could cut down into 9+ shorter stories – each of which could stand equally as well alone.

Crafting this project required detailed planning, a strong creative vision and a hugely experienced approach to VFX. Samuel Bennetts contributed all of these attributes and delivered in spades.

Weeks of planning culminated in a highly technical production at Disney’s Sydney studio. The result speaks volumes for itself.

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Production Company: Clockwork Films
Director: Samuel Bennetts
Executive Producer / Co Founder: Heath George
Producer: Alan Robinson
VFX: UPP, Clockwork Films & White Chocolate
Audio: Smith & Western.

Client: Unloan
CMO: Bronwyn Wright
Creative Director: Steve Hanzic.
Head of Brand: Kyle Abshoff