Chevrolet challenges the auto retail experience with the launch of ‘CoDriver’ via Isobar Australia

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A CoDriver starting their mission.jpgChevrolet has partnered with global digital marketing agency Isobar, to create ‘CoDriver’, a virtual reality platform that rethinks the traditional automotive retail experience.

CoDriver combines a range of immersive technology never seen before, where passengers take a seat in a specially fitted vehicle and are transported to a real life environment to experience the vehicle’s capabilities in unprecedented detail.

Chevrolet CoDriver.jpgThe experience combines Oculus Rift DK2 with both CGI and purpose shot 360 degree 12K resolution video footage, with 3D positional sound recording and in-car vibration simulation, all enabled by mounting a Chevrolet Colorado with a range of the latest technology.

When combined, the passenger experiences a drive like no other through sight, sound and touch.

Says Konrad Spilva, managing director, Isobar Australia: “GM are constantly challenging us to find innovative ways to give car buyers a better experience when researching and buying a car.”

Created for the launch of the new Chevrolet Colorado High Country pickup truck, ‘The Delivery’ is the first CoDriver experience to debut. Passengers are virtually transported to the adventurous terrain of New Zealand and cast in the role of CoDriver for the ultimate off-road adventure. The drive sees them navigate rugged terrain and river crossings on a mysterious mission.

Says Dave Budge, executive creative director, Isobar Australia: “We tried to create an experience that would transport people into another world that extends on the dealership environment.”

Following their off road adventure, passengers will be able to share their experience across social media.

Chevrolet unveiled the first ‘CoDriver’ pilot at the 36th Bangkok International Motor Show from Wednesday March 25 to Sunday April 5, 2015.

View the layout – DoDriver Technology Layout.pdf

Agency: Isobar Australia

Client: Chevrolet Colorado

Executive Creative Director: Dave Budge

Creative Director: Brett White

Executive Producer: Kara Bombell

Senior Art Director: Darragh O’Connell

Interface Design: Pascal Van Der Haar

Senior Writer: Michael Punton

3D Modelling & Animation: Aron Tardini

2D Animation: Ash Curkpatrick

Director of Mobile & Innovation: Erik Hallander

Lead Developer: Anton Wintergerst

Social Developer: Andrew Bednarz

Onsite Developer: Lauren Grimes

Video Production: Two Bearded Men/The Storylab

Director: Dave Budge

Producer: Marteen Burger

Line Producer: Toby Crawford

Director of Photography: Tim Pierce

Aerial Director of Photography: Nathan Kaso

Thailand Activation Agency: Pico