CFS injects some new energy into its B2B campaign via It’s Friday


As a brand, Colonial First State stands behind every great financial adviser. It’s why it continually evolves its award-winning investment platform, CFS FirstChoice, so that advisers can access the solutions, tech, and support that allows it to do more for clients.


To remind advisers of this, CFS is launching a new B2B campaign – ‘Step Ahead’ – centered around how it feels when an adviser is able to ‘get a step ahead and stay a step ahead’ thanks to all of FirstChoice’s innovations.

Using a bit of fun, CFS found an entertaining way to express the effectiveness and efficiency the CFS FirstChoice platform has with advisers.

Helping advisers express the benefits of FirstChoice, professional actors were brought in to use all their theatrical skill to bring to life the excitement, passion, and sense of empowerment an adviser feels when using the platform.

It’s a surprising injection of drama to the world of financial advice.

But when a product makes mundane tasks disappear and gives you new-found abilities to do what you do best, that product is more than worthy of dramatic language, a stirring track and a voice that emphatically declares: “CFS FirstChoice is what advising was always meant to be!”

The digital campaign is now being served to advisers nationally via LinkedIn and digital financial publications.

Says Adam Parsons, director, adviser marketing CFS: “We’ve been working hard to ensure FirstChoice is the most efficient solution for advisers. Our latest enhancements can have a huge impact on an adviser’s business. ‘Step Ahead’ has allowed us to highlight the many benefits in a unique, funny, and engaging way. We’re really excited about this work. It’s a new direction for us as a brand and how we show up, and stand out in market. It’s more than a campaign. It’s a new platform for FirstChoice that will permeate through all touchpoints from advertising through to our sales collateral and the front-line.”

Says Pete Bosilkovski, CEO, It’s Friday: “It’s a great misconception that B2B advertising needs to be dry or forgettable. It deserves the same energy that is applied to brand to consumer marketing. Advisers are consumers and want to be engaged with just like consumers. So we took the opportunity to unleash CFS FirstChoice’s strong proof points in a highly engaging manner.”

Says Vince Lagana, CCO, It’s Friday: “A brand’s tone should have the ability to flex across all parts of the business. But all too often, tone is missing when it comes to B2B. For whatever reason, it just doesn’t get the love other comms do, so it can often end up flat and appearing unconsidered. Our challenge was to turn what could have been dry, testimonial-style B2B messaging into something fun, memorable, and motivating. We wanted to entertain financial advisors while still clearly delivering the great benefits of CFS’s award-winning FirstChoice platform.”

Client: Colonial First State
Agency: It’s Friday
Production Company: Rabbit
Director: Dan Fletcher