Cannes Contenders: TBWA Sydney

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How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges…


Woolmark: Plastic Sheep
TBWA Sydney
The film is the launch piece for Woolmark’s new ‘Live and Breathe’ campaign.

Highlighting the explosive rise and harmful repercussions of synthetic fast-fashion, it reminds people that all-natural Merino wool, make it the original and far superior performance fibre.

The film is set in a dystopian, synthetic society that has forgotten how to live naturally. Instead of embracing natural fabrics, its people wear artificial, unbreathable clothing made from the coats of mutant plastic sheep.

A chance encounter leads our hero to discover a pure merino wool outfit, inspiring her to escape this stifling, artificial world and discover a future where she can finally, live and breathe.

Tourism New Zealand: 100 % Pure New Australia-Land
TBWA Sydney
From Russell Crowe to the band Crowded House, whenever a success story emerges from New Zealand, Australia is quick to lay claim to it. So when Australia’s Meat & Livestock body (MLA) launched an ad proposing Australia merge with New Zealand to form a super nation called ‘New Australia-Land’ and take ownership of our best national treasures – progressive Prime Minister Jacinda, world class rugby, and delicious lamb – we turned it into an opportunity to highlight New Zealand’s superiority.

With the ‘New Australia-Land’ campaign trending in social and causing heated commentary in the media, we took control of the conversation by registering the domain, which the MLA had forgotten to register.

Within 48hrs we had turned into a hub of all the wonderful and uniquely Kiwi things you could experience in this newly coined nation – every single one of which, just so happened to exist on the New Zealand side of the island.

Zyrtec: Pollen Couture
TBWA Sydney
What’s the best way to show the efficacy of Zyrtec hayfever medication? Prove it in the real world.

We created a show-stopping activation to educate and empower hayfever sufferers to live allergy-free with Zyrtec, by challenging supermodel and super-hayfever sufferer Madeline Cower to wear a dress made of over 1,200 high pollen count flowers.

Madeleine debuted the dress at the Sydney Spring Carnival, hay fever season’s biggest fashion event. The result was national PR, extensive social coverage and Zyrtec’s biggest ever sales week.

Amazon: Everything you need, easy az
TBWA Sydney
Amazon, the world’s biggest online shopping brand was about to launch in Australia. But data showed that unless we made the brand feel relatable to everyday Aussies, this retail giant would fail to succeed in the uniquely nuanced Australian market. In response, we created ‘Everything you need, easy az’, a campaign that used data to discover the problems facing ordinary Australians, then solve them in highly unexpected ways using the ‘A-to-Z’ of household products Amazon offers.