Cannes Contenders: Naked

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How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges…

RMIT University: Sans Forgetica
RMIT is a university grounded in technology, design, innovation, and a focus on practical, hands-on learning. Based in Melbourne, but with a global footprint of extended campuses, RMIT needed to demonstrate its brand credentials to an increasingly globally-minded audience of high school leavers.

Rather than using traditional advertising which distracts students from their study, they found a way to be more useful. They created Sans Forgetica: the world’s first typeface specifically designed and proven to help you remember more, and gave it away to students as a download and Chrome browser extension. The ultimate study hack, delivered exactly when students needed it most.

Gidget Foundation Australia: Bunny Books
100,000 parents in Australia suffer from perinatal depression and anxiety (PNDA) every year. For many sufferers, their inner turmoil and sadness will be experienced undiagnosed, unnoticed, and unreported.

Gidget Foundation Australia is a small Sydney-based not-for-profit organisation that supports the emotional wellbeing of expectant and new parents to ensure those in need receive timely, appropriate and supportive care. Their mission was to start the PNDA conversation at a broader, national level. The more people they could encourage to talk, the better. With limited budget, they needed to think beyond traditional marketing and be truly inventive in their approach.

Bunny Books is a groundbreaking innovation in how to directly reach and support these sufferers. A set of four bedtime stories for little ones, which double as parental self-help books to help tackle common symptoms of PNDA, the books are both a powerful new communication tool and a new fundraising channel for Gidget Foundation Australia. Written in conjunction with psychologists at Gidget Foundation, each book is a cognitive behavioural exercise wrapped up as a simple, engaging story. Crucially each book also directs readers to find out more through accompanying online psychologist films, and recommends contacting their GP or Gidget Foundation for more information or support.