Cannes Contenders: Leo Burnett

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How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges…


7-Eleven: Slurpee Take Your Own Cup
Leo Burnett
Slurpee BYO Cup Day has become a global phenomenon. An event no Slurper wants to miss. To ensure no-one was caught without a cup on the big day, Slurpee-branded buckets, gloves, watering cans and hot water bottles were hung on street posters promoting the event. Posters were strategically positioned on a high-traffic street close to several 7-Elevens, allowing Slurpers to grab a cup and conveniently fill it up just around the corner.

Bonds: Join the Queendom
Leo Burnett
‘Queendom’ was a Chick Flick celebrating the Bonds’ first women’s only Originals release. Shot by Gracie Otto, it featured an all-female cast including Thelma, the huntsman spider. With a feisty twist on the traditional Kingdom, Queendom tapped into the female empowerment narrative in a fun, Bonds way that challenged traditional representations of female strength, body shape, body hair and scarring.

Wave Glass
Leo Burnett
We reinvented the glass to eradicate the straw.

Australians use some 10 million plastic straws a year. They’re too small to be recycled and are in the top 10 of all ocean pollutants — creating huge ecological and environmental issues.

Wave Glass’ patented design enables people to consume drinks without the need for a straw by dividing the glass into two chambers. One chamber holds the liquid mixed with crushed ice and garnish, the other acts as the drinking chamber only allowing the chilled liquid from the bottom of the vessel to be consumed.

Oporto: Oporto Decoy
Leo Burnett
We stopped people seeing our competitors’ ads, by serving them our own at exactly the right moment.

Oporto is a relatively small fast food chicken chain who are outspent in Australia by McDonald’s, KFC and Hungry Jacks by over 100 to 1. Which meant we needed a smart way to launch their new Loaded Chips.

So, first we determined the locations of our competitors’ outdoor advertising across Australia. Then, using Bluedot’s Geoline targeting technology, we placed virtual tripwires at those locations.

Walking near an ad triggered a push notification to the mobile phone of everyone with the Oporto Loyalty app. Diverting people’s attention from their message to ours.