Cannes Contenders: Clemenger BBDO Sydney

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How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges…


Extra Gum: Extra Support Acts
Clemenger BBDO, Sydney
In partnership with Universal music, YouTube and massive international artists like 5SOS and Alice in Wonderland, Extra Gum transformed 17.2 million pre-roll ads before the artist’s music into digital support slots for emerging artists. This innovative use of pre-rolls gave the emerging artists exposure to millions of potential new fans and gave fans a refreshing way to discover new music. Since the campaign, several of artists have receive record deals and one even went on to play at the ARIA’s. It also had YouTube’s highest view through rate worldwide for pre-rolls.

Extra Gum: Extra Reminder
Clemenger BBDO, Sydney
2019 is a hard time for chewing gum. Due to changing shopping habits, our cashless society and everyone on their phones all the time, gum is being forgotten when people are at the counter. Extra partnered with BP to give people a reminder to buy gum. Extra Reminder is a cash register integration that alerts customers every time they purchase a product that will cause them bad breath. The standard ‘beep’ of the scanner is replaced by a buzzer sound when someone purchased over 100 products such as cheese, chips, pies, coffee, cigarettes etc.

Pedigree: Donate With a Mate
Clemenger BBDO, Sydney
Each year, 1000’s of dogs die due to a severe shortage of Canine Blood. This shortage is due to a lack of awareness to the fact that dog can donate blood in the first place. In partnership with the Australian Animal Blood Bank and the Red Cross, Pedigree created Donate with a Mate, the world’s first human and canine blood donation service. This mobile service created mass awareness across Australia and is being launched in the US and UK in 2020.

Dry July: Ducking Auto Correct
Clemenger BBDO, Sydney
We’ve all done it. A few too many drinks lead to text messages that get autocorrected leading to unfortunate/catastrophic consequences. Hungry becomes Horny, Pens turns into penis. To avoid these pitfalls, and to encourage people to go dry for the month of July, Clemenger and Dry July created the hilarious Ducking Autocorrect radio campaign. Three cracking radio ads that have a bit of fun with what can happen when you drunk text your boss or mum.

Eclipse Mints: Share a Little More
Clemenger BBDO, Sydney
Whilst acknowledging that being connected is an important part of daily life, Eclipse wanted to encourage people to go a little deeper and forge more meaningful connections. Opening up and showing a little more of yourself was the key. Our brand film focused on a girl meets boy story in a super surreal version of modern digital life. In the spot they remove layer after layer of digital emoji masks until they’ve revealed their true selves to each other.