Cannes Contenders: Alt.VFX

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How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges…


Asahi Premium Beverages: Enter Asahi
Agency: The Monkeys Melbourne
Production Company: In The Thicket

The film takes audiences on a journey where imagination is not bound by reality. A world of giant squids, robot geisha, fierce warriors and loyal salary men. It avoids a traditional narrative, and took a more surreal, music-video inspired approach. The loose ‘story’ leads to a mysterious Japanese character who collects giant squid and owns a secret research facility dedicated to pruning the perfect Bonsai tree. The idea being that kind of perfectionist would favour precision-brewed Asahi.

The team worked with the director to help design and build the complex ‘one shot’ look, with everything from robotic geishas to a gigantic CG squid in the mix, alongside a seamless blend of CG set extensions and beautifully shot live action plates. Each scene has extensive VFX that blend the real with the imagination, and offer a beautiful spot that is testament to the power and creativity of the teams involved.

Woolmark: Live and Breathe
Agency: TBWA Sydney
Production company: Goodoil Films

Surreal and haunting, but ultimately hopeful and uplifting, this stunning Woolmark spot takes us into a dystopian world where man-made fibres have taken over. As the main character receives an unexpected gift that changes her life, this epic world is revealed, as stunning cinematography and production design are married with breathtaking visual effects to bring the story to life in every aspect.

Alt were set the task of extending and building upon the original vision to give us the grand scale of our dystopian world. Inspired by the pipes that run though Berlin, we built a procedural pipe system allowing us to seamlessly extend and create fully photorealistic pipes throughout the city. This was combined with extensive compositing and detailed matte painting to bring scale to the project, offering a truly breathtaking finish to this global spot.

Schweppes: Schweppervescence
Agency: TBWA\Melbourne
Production company: Goodoil Films

Asahi Lifestyle Beverages has refreshed the Schweppes master-brand portfolio with Schweppervescence – a campaign via TBWA\Melbourne, linked to the brand’s roots, showing the enchanting movement of the Schweppes bubbles the moment the bottle is opened.

TBWA\Melbourne worked with director JH Beetge, Goodoil Films and Alt.vfx to bring the story to life through a dramatic TVC, which takes the viewer on a magical journey.

From mass swarms encapsulating an endless landscape, to intricate up-close moments, the bubbles interact with the world around them, influenced by different elements right up until the cap is released, triggering Schweppervescence.