Cannes Contenders: AIRBAG

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How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges…

Isobar Australia, Red Dogs VR, Hase
Director: Dominic Allen
Creative Technologist: Steven Nicholson

An exhilarating and visceral film that tells the expansive story of Carriberrie: Indigenous Australian song and dance. Beginning with a stunning passage from the highly acclaimed Sydney Opera House performance, Bennelong, by Australia’s premier Aboriginal dance theatre group Bangarra, actor and performer David Gulpilil welcomes us on a concentric, snake-like journey through time and space.

Premiering at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, Carriberrie is the most ambitious 360-degree VR experience produced in Australia yet, a world of Indigenous Australian Culture, both traditional and contemporary, and an incredible digital performance that brings together Aboriginal history, stories, music, and dance in an epic journey spanning across 12 iconic Australian locations.

Worksafe: Workplace Reflections
McCann Melbourne
Project Lead: Jackson Dickie
Creative Technologist: Steven Nicholson
Producer: Martin Box

WorkSafe is a government body responsible for keeping workplaces safe. Every day, people face the threat of physical and mental injury at work. While the presence of physical danger is quite evident, mental harm and bullying often goes unnoticed and ignored.

Workplace Reflections draws individuals into what outwardly seems like a beautifully designed mirrored structure. Once inside this space they are immersed in the confronting real stories of workplace bullying victims, and compelled to consider their own workplace behaviour. On exiting, they are encouraged to commit to changing this toxic work culture.

In 5 days, 1.2 million employees were reached. But most importantly, bullying became an open conversation in workplaces.

The installation is currently travelling to regional and rural town centres.

Cannes Contenders: AIRBAG

Specsavers: Priceless Eyes
Cummins&Partners Melbourne
Director: Aaron Wilson
Producer: Selin Yamen

In Australia, someone loses part – or all – of their vision every 65 minutes, and yet in the past year, less than one in five Australians had their eyes tested by an optometrist.

Masquerading as Vesper-Sacs, an advanced medical research company searching for live test subjects, Specsavers posed a shocking question to Australians: how much would you sell your eyes for? People were unanimous – they wouldn’t give up their eyes for any amount, proving the point: our eyes are priceless.

The experience, which participants described as “like an episode of (sci-fi series) Black Mirror” saw everyday Australians reach their own conclusions about the importance of looking after their sight.

Bowel Cancer Australia: Bill Bowelley
BWM Dentsu Melbourne
Director: Travis Hogg
Producer: Nick Venn

Set in an empty theatre and using CGI to create a transparent human with a focus on key organs, the distinctive voice of UK comedian Bill Bailey highlights the lack of awareness of the bowel, urging all Australians to ‘give a $#*! about your bowel’. Bailey was chosen to voice the campaign, having been with various bowel cancer charities over the years, as well as having a deep personal connection to bowel cancer.

Cannes Contenders: AIRBAG

Gillette: The First Shave
Grey Canada / NY / Skin and Bones
Director: Angie Bird

AIRBAG director Angie Bird has crafted a powerful film for Gillette, about a transgender man learning to shave from his father. The ad, which has been viewed more than a million times, drew a supportive reaction, including from other trans men who said they could relate to the experience. The work has made the shortlist for a Glass Lion.