Campaign for Australian Aid launches Stop the Clock via Agency to reverse cuts to aid budget


Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.32.47 am.jpgCampaign for Australian Aid, with the support of over 65 aid and development organisations along with 1.59 million of its supporters, are counting down to Australia becoming “the least generous we’ve ever been” if scheduled cuts to the aid budget are not reversed.

Says Tony Milne, campaign director, Campaign for Australian Aid: “We’re running out of time for the Government to reverse the final scheduled cut to the aid budget so that Australia does not become the least generous we’ve ever been with the lowest aid budget ever.”

Milne added the campaign sees the sector coming together but also each charity organisation engaging in a healthy competition to see if they and their supporters can stop the clock with the assistance of an innovative digital platform.

Until the delivery of the Budget on May 3, Campaign for Australian Aid will ask its supporters to jump onto its Stop the Clock platformcreated by Agency, and use their time, taking 10 seconds to tweet Treasurer Scott Morrison, 30 seconds to send him an SMS, a minute to email him and 3 minutes to call him. With time of the essence, supporters will have one simple ask: for the Treasurer to stop the scheduled aid cut.

Says Milne: “Our stop the clock website will allow supporters to send a text and leave a Voicemail message for Scott Morrison that will be delivered to him before the Budget has been announced.”