Campaign Brief lowest CPM of all OZ ad sites


CB-BLOG-COMPARISON-CPM copy.jpgThe folks at have been doing a bit of an analysis of the main Australian trade press websites – Campaign Brief, AdNews, B&T and Mumbrella – which has given us the opportunity to not only compare visitors and page views figures, but also to compare ad rates between the four.

We always thought we were a bit cheap, but boy, compared to the others, we really are a steal for potential advertisers.

CB‘s ad rates are under $4 per thousand ad impressions – from $570 per month ($2.19 CPM) for a 125×125 Button ad up to $900 per month ($3.46 CPM) for a MREC 300 x 250. Campaign Brief has 129,444 visits per month and 260,319 page views per month (Source: Google Analytics).

Compared to B&T – from $2,750 per month ($11.68 CPM) for a 125×125 button ad up to $6000 per month ($25.50 CPM) for a Leaderboard. B&T has 104,960 visits per month and 235,378 page views per month. (Source: B&T).

Compared to AdNews  – from $2935 ($19.20 CPM) for a 125x125button up to $7200 per month ($47.11 CPM) for a MREC 300×250. AdNewshas 58,039 visits per month and 145,956 page views per month (source:AdNews).

The most expensive CPM is Mumbrella – from $40 CPM for a 468x60Banner ad up to $60 CPM for a MREC 300×250. All ad rates are on a CPMbasis. Mumbrella has 202,408 visits per month and 412,346 page viewsper month. (Source: Audit Bureau of Australia)


Soif you want to reach Australia’s advertising and production industry,by far the cheapest way is via the Campaign Brief blog. Contact CB’sbusiness development director Mike Morris for more details:

He can also send you the low rates for the Campaign Brief NZ Blog, CB Asia Blog and CB WA Blog, plus Bestads, our worldwide creative ad site.