Call goats. Win beer: Mountain Goat launches new campaign via The Monkeys, Melbourne


13Goat-CallCentre-1280x742.jpgAustralian brewer Mountain Goat has launched GOAT Lager, an uncomplicated, very enjoyable craft beer with an interactive campaign – ’13GOAT’, developed by The Monkeys Melbourne, part of Accenture Interactive.

To put the brewer on the big stage, The Monkeys built on the tongue-in-cheek tone of Mountain Goat and created something crucial to the success of every big brand: a call centre. The only difference being 13GOAT is run by who else, but the goats themselves.

Part giveaway mechanic, part customer service centre, 13GOAT is a call centre run by goats whose sole purpose is to give away a year of very enjoyable GOAT beer, or a trip to the GOAT brewery in Melbourne.

MountainGoat1.jpgWith over 170 possible scenarios, participants can call and talk to screaming goats, listen to an episode of ‘Goats of our Lives’, or return to the main menu at any time. Once they’ve completed their 13GOAT journey they’ll be sent a text message with details on how to enter the competition.

The campaign runs from March 1st to March 31st and will roll out across social, out-of-home (OOH) advertising, and on radio in VIC, NSW & QLD markets.

Says Marc Slater, marketing manager, Mountain Goat Beer: “While craft beer continues its strong growth, there are still thousands of drinkers out there who want to take the leap but really just want a simple, uncomplicated beer that is very enjoyable. A clever marketing gimmick should support such a beer.”MountainGoat2.jpg

Says Ant Keogh, chief creative officer, The Monkeys Melbourne: “After dealing with faceless, computerised call centres, you’ll find one operated by goats a pleasant surprise.”

To hear the campaign, and for your chance to win, call 13GOAT, that is 1-3-4-6-2-8.

Client: Mountain Goat Beer

General Manager: Mick Bentley

Marketing Manager: Marc Slater

Marketing Coordinator: Orla Dynes

Designer: Tyson Sheean

Agency: The Monkeys Melbourne

CEO: Paul McMillan

CCO: Ant Keogh
Copywriter: Cody Naetzker

Art Director: Zenon Predecki

Designer: Jess Ramsey

Strategy Director: Gareth Evans

Head of Production: Romanca Jasinski

Producer: Katie Wellbelove

Production Coordinator: Anne-Maree Shelton

Group Content Director: Lee Lowndes

Content Director: Navin Arunasalam

Content Manager: Allan Carlow

Composer / Music Producer: Terry Mann