Brisbane/Melbourne-based creative agency Hatchet Agency rebrands to MakerStreet

Brisbane/Melbourne-based creative agency Hatchet Agency rebrands to MakerStreet

Today the young and eclectic ‘Hatchet Agency’ is buried as it rebrands to MakerStreet.


While the creative, advertising and branding agency may have only launched 12 months ago, the team has grown to nine people spread across studios in Brisbane and Melbourne, servicing clients across Australia, UK and Asia.

Says Casey Midgley (pictured above), CCO and creative partner, MakerStreet: “The agency landscape is complex at the best of times and as a business, our internal mantra has always been to build an agency with a human heart, which means to have the humility to recognise when things don’t mend as easily as they once did.”

MakerStreet is built for the ever-changing and evolving brand landscape and is looking to build on its successes with clients like Hygain Feeds, Lift Brands (Snap Fitness/9Round Kickboxing) and Brisbane Airport Corporation. CCO Midgley is expecting a bumper 2020.

The agency is independent with no direct ties to media, meaning that it’s 100% placement agnostic. The approach aims to get back to what’s most important; delivering a message to an audience creatively. MakerStreet hopes to simplify and demystify the entire creative process by working much closer and more frequently with clients.

Adds Midgley: “Honesty is a big part of what we do and in the past 12 months, we’ve had some setbacks and stumbled, but ensured we found our feet again. Growing faster than expected in our first year is part of that and we felt the need to reposition what we want to stand for. We’ve bolstered our strategic arm and realise it’s not enough to show and tell, people want new experiences. As humans we crave the satisfaction from being part of building something bigger. We believe empathy is needed to understand what makes people tick and Maker Street recognises the changes in clients and their consumers’ expectations and in our industry.

“MakerStreet will become our little platform to show clients what we’re capable of. We’ve seen that some of the biggest ideas can come from the smallest teams, and we’re looking at some really exciting partnerships which can make some of those ideas become a reality. We’ve rediscovered who we are and we’re jumping back in swinging!”

Brisbane/Melbourne-based creative agency Hatchet Agency rebrands to MakerStreet