Brendan Willenberg’s Cannes Diary #1

Brendan Willenberg’s Cannes Diary #1

Brendan Willenberg, incoming ECD and creative partner at Archibald Williams is in Cannes reporting exclusively for Campaign Brief.


Linen – Check

Jet lag – Check

Lanyard – Check

Morbid fear at having to pronounce ‘Croisette’ out loud – Check

When it comes to Cannes, I am officially The 40 Year Old Virgin. And also, given check point 2 above, I will keep this one short.

Cannes is A Lot and given the first talk of the day, it sits in stark contrast to the times in which we live. Richard Edleman and Gary Kasparov spoke not about building successful PR companies and game theory when it comes to chess but Trust in Brands with a specific lens on Ukraine

It was less a lecture and more a call to everyone in attendance to use creativity to REGAIN UKRAINE. A movement to help Ukraine regain their people, their land and to swiftly join the EU. How can we help? To help recruit and retrain women who are left at home while their partners fight, to establish a production hub in Kyiv, to RE establish independent media and rebuild the cultural identity hubs that form one of 100,000 buildings that have been destroyed.

Everyone felt incredibly humbled as we walked out of the Lumiere Theatre… and into multi-million dollar activations that will be there for days and then gone on Saturday morning.

Did it set the tone for the week? I hope so… and I hope not.

Cannes is A Lot.

Toodles, Brendan