Breast Cancer Awareness Month gets real with survivor video stories via Frost*collective

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Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 10.13.53 am.jpgAs part of BreastScreen NSW’s awareness drive for the annual October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Frost*collective was commissioned to develop a series of video stories highlighting the importance of breast screening and biennial mammograms for women aged 50-74 years.

With one in eight women in NSW developing breast cancer in their lifetime and with 75% of women diagnosed with breast cancer over the age of 50, early detection of breast cancer is key to improving outcomes. The video stories set out to emphasise the importance of mammograms as part of women’s regular health checks.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 10.14.04 am.jpgCollaborating closely with BreastScreen NSW, Frost*collective worked with producer Rachel Knepfer, director/photographer Hugh Stewart and director of photography/editor, Mark Pugh to create four video case studies featuring breast cancer survivors.

The four different videos capture each woman’s unique screening journey and convey emotional and heroic stories that are highly relatable, resonating with a diverse socio-cultural population.

The women share their deeply personal experiences with cancer, each speaking directly to the camera to intensify the dialogue with the audience. Four moving portraits of each breast cancer survivor were also created.

Says Stewart: “The strength of each breast cancer survivor, and the rawness of emotion that each displayed was palpable. Each of our video subjects bravely and openly laid bare their vulnerabilities. It was incredible hearing individual stories and fears articulated so clearly, and the intensity of their appreciation of their families and their lives, renewed. This was one of the most emotionally touching projects I’ve done, and I truly hope this work helps to educate, empower and promote regular breast screening amongst all women.”

Says Alex Dalmau, associate design director, Frost*design: “It’s been a pleasure working with BreastScreen NSW on such a worthy and important initiative. It’s rare to meet someone who hasn’t been touched by breast cancer, so to be able to contribute to the conversation creatively, and hopefully to make a difference, is humbling.”

The messaging in the videos is clear. They need to communicate the facts stressing the importance of regular mammograms, tap into the emotional sensitivities around the mammogram experience, and prompt action to book a mammogram. The over-arching message is that the most effective way for women over 50 to detect breast cancer early is to have a mammogram every two years. Mammograms can find breast cancers that can’t be seen or felt through self-examination, and when breast cancer is found early women have more treatment options and are much more likely to survive.

Says Samantha Raheb from BreastScreen NSW: “It is essential that women hear the stories of other women when it comes to the importance of regular breast screening. The women in these videos are united by a common experience – told in way that will encourage others to take action when it comes to their breast health. These videos are an extremely valuable asset to BreastScreen, the Frost team were professional from start to finish, so it is no surprise that we are so happy with the final outputs of the partnership.”

07iPad Air White Landscape.jpgNest (part of Frost*collective) was tasked with refreshing and updating the website to enhance user experience. The scope of work involved the creation of a suite of engaging content including videos, infographics and icons. These support topics across the website making the screening information more digestible for all audiences.

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As mammograms can pick up breast cancers before they can be seen or felt, women aged 50-74 should have a mammogram every two years. BreastScreen Australia offers free mammograms to women over 40 years old.

Creative Director: Ant Donovan

Associate Design Director: Alex Dalmau

Client Services Director: Emma Stone

Account Director: Max Delplanque

Account Manager: Iris Vanhecke

Senior Digital Designer: Zion Wu

Digital Producer – Nathalie Cano

Producer: Rachel Knepfer

Photographer/Director: Hugh Stewart, Title Artist Management

Videographer: Mark Pugh