BLUEBET LAUNCHES THE BLUEBET KINDA GUY 3.0 in latest integrated campaign via JimJam Ideas


In this, the third year of its successful ‘Bluueeee’ campaign via JIMJAM Ideas, BlueBet celebrates its loyal members and members of the wider punting community – the kinda guys who share the same Aussie principles its like-minded audience can all relate to.


Members of any group tend to exhibit traits, behaviours and use a vernacular that other members can recognise. These traits are badges of honour and tell-tale signs that “you’re one of us”.

BlueBet calls this group ‘The BlueBet Kinda Guys’ – the kinda guy/girl who accepts all walks of life (no matter what your background), who speaks the same language, who loves an underdog and always gets around the little Aussie battler.

Fronted by our true blue Aussie presenter, Ben Mingay, this spot aims to appeal to those who love a bet by highlighting the characteristics and all-inclusive unique traits shared by Aussie punters of all walks of life.

The campaign has launched in time for Spring, and will roll out on TV, radio and online with the aim of evolving what is quickly becoming a great Aussie brand.

Thanks largely to the Brilliant Films production team and BlueBet clients the agency managed to pull the two day shoot off without a hitch – delivering over 70 outputs in the middle of yet another crippling wave of covid.

Once again the spots are all signed off with the Bluu-eee! call to action, derived from the famous Aussie catch cry ‘Coo-eee!

Says BlueBet CEO Bill Richmond: “We are very happy with the result of our latest brand campaign – the ‘BlueBet Kinda Guy’. We feel it really conveys who we are as a brand – unashamedly Australian, good-humoured and inclusive of all those who enjoy a bet for entertainment in a responsible way.”

Adds Collin Tew, Head of Brand & Product: “We are proud to deliver another campaign that continues to position BlueBet as strong Aussie betting brand; a brand that is for punters from all walks of life. Once again, it was a delight to work with Charlie from JimJim as well as Jody Dwyer, Stephanie Ceccaldi and their teams.”

Says JIMJAM ECD Charlie Cook: “It’s always an absolute pleasure working on this account and a privilege to be part of building such a great Aussie brand – huge thanks to the remarkable production team and the awesome BlueBet clients, who continue to make the whole process smoother and more enjoyable year on year.”

Creative Agency: JIMJAM Ideas
Executive Creative Director: Charlie Cook
Creative Director: Andrew Crocker
Account Director: Alana Fechner
Account executive: Amanda Johns
Writer: Charlie Cook
Writer: Grant McGrath
Art Director: Paul Carpenter

Production Company: Brilliant
Director: Jody Dwyer
Executive Producer: Stephanie Ceccaldi
Producer: Meredyth Judd
Production Manager: Christa Harter
Production Coord: Luci Roe
1st AD: Murray Robertson
2nd AD: Nick Marles
DOP: Daniel Ardilley
Casting: Tony Higginbothom Casting
Sound: Sawtooth

Client: BlueBet
CEO – Bill Richmond
Head of Brand & Product – Collin Tew
Head of Partnerships, PR & Content – Ben Hawes
Communications & PR Manager – Richard Hummerston
Brand Executive – Nathan Sprake

BLUEBET LAUNCHES THE BLUEBET KINDA GUY 3.0 in latest integrated campaign via JimJam Ideas