BC&F Dentsu’s Paul Catmur, director Dan Max and Eight launch new short comedy ‘Jjeremy’


BC&F Dentsu co-founder and executive creative director Paul Catmur recently got together with director Dan Max and Eight to bring to life ‘Jjeremy’, a short comedy about life in the advertising industry.


The four minute film shows the efforts of a junior creative team to get a campaign approved by their boss, the mercurial and contradictory chief creative chairman Jjeremy, played by TV star Sam Bunkall.

The film is a scene from a longer piece about the advertising industry and the characters within.

Says Catmur: “On behalf of myself and Maxy a massive thank you to Eight and everyone who helped in bringing ‘Jjeremy’ to life. Any resemblance to actual creative directors living or dead is purely coincidental. At least that’s what the lawyers recommended we say.”

Says Max: “It was great to have the chance of working with a slightly longer format. Thank you to cast and crew for an amazing experience. If Sam ever gives up acting he’d fit right in to a creative department.”