Bangalow Koalas launches new campaign to help prevent koala extinction via Momentum + AIRBAG


Bangalow Koalas has launched a new integrated campaign via Momentum Worldwide Australia and AIRBAG, that draws attention to the startling plight of koalas, one of Australia’s most iconic native animals and symbol of the country.


Featuring award-winning indigenous actor Mark Coles Smith, the campaign for not-for-profit Bangalow Koalas is a call to action to plant more trees to prevent the extinction of koalas.

The 30-second TVC made entirely using state-of-the-art CGI, shows a wild koala in the branches of a gum tree surrounded by native habitat. Motion capture technology was used to create the life-like koala movements. Real trees were scanned in the wild using photogrammetry to create an authentic koala habitat.

As Smith’s voiceover explains the plight of the species, the koala becomes a stuffed exhibit in a museum alongside other extinct species to show what could happen if we don’t act now.

Says Marina Earp, client services director, Momentum: “Koalas are literally the face of Australia so it’s unthinkable to imagine this country without them. While shocking, the creative is a stark reminder that if we don’t plant more trees soon koalas will be stuffed – literally. Our aim is to support our long-term charity partner, Bangalow Koalas to ensure this doesn’t happen.”

Bangalow Koalas is on a mission to plant 500,000 trees by 2025 to create wildlife corridors. Trees are planted by volunteers on private property donated by landowners so that the new plantings connect with existing pockets of habitat. The wildlife corridors allow koalas to roam, forage and breed in relative safety, distancing them from vehicle strikes, dog attacks and other threats.

Says Linda Sparrow president of Bangalow Koalas: “Koala habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Koalas once numbered 10 million but now there’s only an estimated 300,000 left. So it’s essential that we plant more trees to create homes for these beautiful creatures, ensuring future generations can enjoy them.

“I thank everyone involved for providing their time pro bono to help us plant hope for koalas and future generations.”

Voice recording was provided by Wawili Studio in Broome with sound design and engineering at Squeak E Clean, Melbourne.

Client: Bangalow Koalas
President: Linda Sparrow

Creative Agency: Momentum
Executive Creative Director: Matt Batten
Client Service Director: Marina Earp
Creative: Momentum and AIRBAG

Production Company: AIRBAG
Director: Rob Ride
Producer: Nick Venn
Managing Partner: Adrian Bosich
EP/Head of Production: Martin Box
Senior VFX Artist: Will Lovett
Photogrammetry: Heidi Wentworth-Ping
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham

VO Recording Studio: Wawili Studio
Recording Engineer: Petris Torres
Voiceover: Mark Coles Smith

Sound Design: Squeak E Clean, Melbourne
Producer: Laura Hesse
Sound Design: Rob Stephens
Music: Rob Ride