Awards roll in for the new ‘Made of Ballarat’ website designed by digital studio Avenue

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Awards roll in for the new ‘Made of Ballarat’ website designed by digital studio Avenue

In a bid to cut themselves a bigger slice of the $41.3 billion international tourism pie, Visit Ballarat commissioned digital studio​ ​Avenue​ ​to design the new ​Made of Ballarat​ website – which has become the focus of its destination marketing campaign.


The recently launched website has already won accolades, picking up awards in the “Digital – TravelTech” and “Digital – Entertainment & Leisure” categories at the ​2019 Melbourne DesignAwards.​

Says Flavio Argemi, creative director, Avenue: “​One of the most exciting things about travelling is planning your trip. We wanted to bring that positive feeling to Ballarat’s new website by giving visitors easy access to content and custom tools to play with when planning their journey.”

Creating a digital experience that felt custom, with powerful functionality to foster connections and a sense of place became Avenue’s strategy for the project. ​Avenue​ is honoured that they were selected to extend the ​Made of Ballarat​ digital brand and reimagine the website. In its approach it set out to design a sophisticated site that would set a new industry standard.

On the homepage users will find an interactive map which gives them a bird’s eye view on everything that’s happening and also takes care of route planning. The ‘Things To Do’ component offers custom recommendations when you’re on a date, caught in the rain or traveling with your pet in Ballarat.

Says Brenton Cannizzaro, strategy and business director, Avenue: “​There’s no denying the unique charm and appeal of Sovereign Hill but there’s plenty more to do in Ballarat than pan for gold.”

The new website has been developed to cater all travellers whether you’re a rigorous researcher or a free floater, you’ll have fun finding whatever it is you’re after or perhaps discovering an unexpected surprise.

Visit Avenue’s website here.