Australian Paper unveils awareness campaign about recycled paper via Online Circle Digital

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Australian Paper - Campaign image - May2016.jpgAustralian Paper, the manufacturer of Reflex Paper, has launched a new digital campaign to promote the importance of choosing Australian made recycled paper via Online Circle Digital.

Says Jennifer Zull, campaign manager, Australian Paper: “Australian Paper is looking to grow awareness of the local paper recycling loop. We are great recyclers, with 68% of people recycling their office paper, but less than 20% buy recycled paper back.”

The ‘You’re Not Finished Yet’ campaign is utilising Facebook, LinkedIn, E-newsletter, banners and GIFs to reach and educate end consumers, large corporate and government customers.  

To support the campaign, the 2 characters “Lexie” and “Wayne” reflect a typical Aussie workplace.

Says Zull: “Every office has a Lexie, who understands the importance of recycling waste paper and buying Australian made recycled paper. While Wayne isn’t aware of the importance of closing the local recycling loop. He throws his waste paper in the bin and buys imported paper.

“We are excited with the creative and digital execution of the ‘You’re Not Finished Yet’ campaign by Online Circle Digital. The characters play an important role in growing demand for Aussie made recycled paper and helping consumers understand that the job is not finished until the recycling loop is completely closed.”

Says James Coleman, account director, Online Circle Digital: “This is our first big campaign for Australian Paper and we are very excited to use digital to create awareness in such an important message. Digital allows us to talk to the office paper buyers using an integrated approach.”  

Creative: Online Circle Digital

Media: Online Circle Digital