Australia scores 4 Yellow Pencils, 4 Graphite Pencils and 11 Wood Pencils at 2021 D&AD Awards

Australia scores 4 Yellow Pencils, 4 Graphite Pencils and 11 Wood Pencils at 2021 D&AD Awards

Following the first of two digital ceremonies that took place on 26 May at 6pm BST, D&AD has announced the Pencil winners across the Craft, Next, Advertising and Side Hustle categories. Australia has had an impressive swag of Pencils overnight including four Yellow Pencils, four Graphite Pencils and 11 Wood Pencils.


Saatchi & Saatchi Australia secured the most metal with three Yellow Pencils and two Graphite Pencils for The Royal Australian Mint ‘Donation Dollar’. Revolver scored Australia’s fourth Yellow Pencil for Brawl Stars ‘Starr Park’ created with Biscuit Filmworks.

TBWA\Sydney and AIRBAG scored a Graphite and a Wood Pencil for Tourism NZ ‘PLAY NZ’. For The People also picked up a Graphite plus a Wood Pencil for Richie Chai ‘Story Espresso Coffee Cups’.

The Glue Society has scored 2 Wood Pencils, one with DDB NZ for Emerson’s ‘Tiny Pub’ and one with W+K Tokyo for Netflix ‘Massacre of Kingdom’.

CHE Proximity picked up four Wood Pencils for IAG/NRMA ‘Help! The Game’, ‘Sloways’ and ‘First Saturday’ and Samsung ‘Microcodes’.

Australian agencies scoring one Wood Pencil include Ogilvy Australia for KFC ‘Secret Menu’ and VMLY&R Melbourne for Defence Force Recruiting ‘Lost in Translation’ and Special Group for Uber Eats ‘No Repeats’.

Since 1962, D&AD has stimulated, celebrated and enabled creative excellence and will continue to support the creative community as we move out of one of the toughest periods in recent memory. The 2021 Awards again recognise creative excellence from the past year and commend the industry for creating exceptional work during unprecedented times reiterating the awards manifesto that ‘Work that matters must be seen’.

Alongside the Craft, Next, Advertising and Side Hustle categories, D&AD announced the Pencil winners for this year’s Collaborative category at the ceremony. These awards celebrate long-lasting relationships between clients and their design, advertising and/or production companies that have led to the creation of noteworthy work in recent years. The first for advertising agency was awarded to Brazil’s AlmapBBDO for their continued work with Alpargatas and the second for design agency was awarded to UK based Superunion for their work alongside The London Symphony Orchestra.

The Side Hustle category reflects the increasing number of creatives applying their skills and personal passions to side projects, something that has become even more apparent during the pandemic. From creating new businesses to developing initiatives to address social and environmental issues, this category aims to spotlight world class creativity beyond people’s day jobs.

The Next categories award emerging creatives, designers, directors, illustrators and photographers to recognise the next generation of creative talent. The awards seek to recognise their work and showcase their ideas to creative influencers, mentors and agencies.

Australia scores 4 Yellow Pencils, 4 Graphite Pencils and 11 Wood Pencils at 2021 D&AD Awards

Across these categories, the top ranking countries by number of Pencils are:

● United States – 147 Pencils
● United Kingdom – 77 Pencils
● Brazil – 27 Pencils
● France – 24 Pencils
● Australia – 16 Pencils

The top ranking companies for these categories, by number of Pencils are:

● Africa and AMV BBDO -12 Pencils each
● Droga 5 New York – 9 Pencils
● AKQA Sao Paulo, Publicis Italia and Saatchi and Saatchi New York – 7 Pencils each

The total number of Pencils in each category are:

Craft: 171 Pencil Winners

● Animation: 3 Yellow, 7 Graphite, 8 Wood
● Art Direction: 2 Yellow, 8 Graphite, 12 Wood
● Casting: 1 Yellow, 3 Graphite, 9 Wood
● Cinematography: 1 Yellow, 1 Graphite, 3 Wood
● Direction: 3 Yellow, 7 Graphite, 6 Wood
● Editing: 1 Yellow, 4 Graphite, 4 Wood
● Illustration: 2 Yellow, 5 Graphite, 10 Wood
● Photography: 3 Graphite, 5 Wood
● Production Design: 1 Yellow, 1 Graphite, 3 Wood
● Sound Design & Use of Music: 4 Graphite, 15 Wood
● Typography: 1 Yellow, 3 Wood
● Visual Effects: 4 Yellow, 3 Graphite, 3 Wood
● Writing for Advertising: 2 Yellow, 3 Graphite, 3 Wood
● Writing for Design: 1 Yellow, 6 Graphite, 10 Wood

Advertising: 246 Pencil Winners

● Digital: 3 Yellow, 11 Graphite, 19 Wood
● Direct: 2 Yellow, 9 Graphite, 20 Wood
● E-Commerce: 1 Yellow, 3 Graphite, 8 Wood
● Experiential: 3 Yellow, 5 Graphite, 11 Wood
● Film: 5 Yellow, 6 Graphite, 14 Wood
● Integrated: 1 Yellow, 4 Graphite, 4 Wood
● Media: 2 Yellow, 8 Graphite, 23 Wood
● PR: 2 Yellow, 15 Graphite, 25 Wood
● Press & Outdoor: 3 Yellow, 12 Graphite, 17 Wood
● Radio & Audio: 4 Graphite, 6 Wood

Collaborative: 2 Pencil Winners

Side Hustle: 2 Pencil Winners

Next: 9 Pencil Winners

● Next Creative: 2 Next Pencil
● Next Designer: 2 Next Pencil
● Next Director: 2 Next Pencil
● Next Illustrator: 2 Next Pencil
● Next Photographer: 1 Next Pencil

All 430 Pencil winning & shortlisted entries are showcased on the D&AD Website.

Says Dara Lynch, CCO at D&AD: “While the pandemic has kept our peers physically distant from each other, the power of creative excellence has remained as strong as ever. We hope the first of our two virtual ceremonies has provided an opportunity for the industry to come together to view, be inspired by and celebrate the immense talent across the creative community. We have taken many of the learnings from last year’s digital awards and implemented them this year to create an experience that holds true to the value of our awards and celebrates every single pencil winner as they truly deserve to be. We are looking forward to our second ceremony to once again reveal more outstanding work as well as the winners of our highly coveted Black Pencils, the President’s Award and Companies of the Year.”

D&AD this year continues to platform the most exceptional work from the past 12 months, following the same rigorous judging process that holds creativity to the highest standards. Famously tough to win, there are no quotas for D&AD Awards, meaning that the number of awarded entries fluctuates each year. In some years, no Black Pencils – the highest creative accolade – are awarded. The highest ever awarded in one year currently stands at eight.

Winning work will not only receive an esteemed D&AD Pencil, it will also be featured in the digital D&AD Annual and online archive – a definitive guide for creatives all around the world.

The Pencil winners for the Design, Impact and Culture categories alongside the presentation of Black Pencils, The President’s Award and Companies of the Year will be announced in the second virtual ceremony on 27 May at 6pm BST.