Aussie surfer Ethan Ewing’s rise to glory showcased in global Oakley campaign

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Today, Oakley launches the latest Australian chapter of the ‘Be Who You Are’ series, with professional surfer, Ethan Ewing.


The Oakley film follows Ewing’s journey from his humble upbringing on Queensland’s North Stradbroke Island, to his ascension to the World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour, where he recently captured his first event win at the Jeffery’s Bay in South Africa and finishing fourth place in the 2022 season at only 24 years old.

Despite the huge success of Ewing’s 2022 season, wiping out fierce competition in the new WSL CT format, the regular foot surfer has experienced his share of detractors. In the Oakley film, Ewing speaks to the surfing world dubbing him “the next best thing”, then saying he’d “never make it back” when plans didn’t go as expected.

With a feverous pursuit to perfect his trademark stylish, powerful rail surfing, Ewing allows his surfing to do the talking and has since proven to be a force to be reckoned with for the upcoming 2023 season and beyond.

Ewing credits his late mother, Helen, as a source of his inspiration and drive. Helen was a champion surfer in the 1970-80s, taking home the iconic Bells Beach Bell in 1983. Following Helen’s passing, Ewing and his father, Bill, took to the beaches of North Stradbroke Island and beyond to hone in on Ewing’s craft and become the formidable force he has become today.

Not one to boast, Ewing is proud of where he has come from and uses the waves to humbly prove that there is no ego involved and his success is simply a result of his hard work.
The film is an intimate portrait of Ewing in his downtime, sharing what brings the most happiness away from the tour. Ewing narrates the film with stories of his family, hometown, and what drives him as a professional athlete at the top of his game.

Ewing sports Oakley’s new surf-inspired Hydra sunglasses throughout the campaign film, which launch in time for the Australian summer. A Razor Blades-inspired, semi-rimless sunglass with a shield lens, the bold new style is reminiscent of Oakley’s ‘90s surf heritage, shaping a wave of surf style.

As the hero of the campaign, Ewing says “It has been a special journey working with Oakley to tell my story of who I truly am and why I surf. I want to inspire the next generation of Australian groms. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are from – if you put the time in the water and believe in yourself, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.”

Oakley’s Global Brand Director, Caio Amato, said on the campaign “Following Ethan’s journey from his first year on the CT in 2017, to his first CT win in 2022 has been a huge source of inspiration to us. We are humbled by the opportunity to tell Ethan’s truth, as he really embodies the ‘Be Who You Are’ message. We will be just watching and enjoying all that Ethan is about to accomplish, afterall, his achievements are just as big as his dreams.”

Creative Production
Director: Andrew Mackenzie
Producer(s): Taylor Steele, Enich Harris, Michael Schwab, Davis DiLillo, Kyle Bullington
DOP: Aiden Ulrich
Cinematographers: Jacob Vanderwork, Cole Yamane, Bill Ewing
Water Cinematographer: Daren Crawford
Heavy Lift Pilot: Davis DiLillo
Aerial DP: Brian Wulf
FPV Pilot: Blake Same
Editor(s): Liam Tangum, Pat Hall, Jack Craymer
Sound Design: Roman Richard
Colour: Dylan Hageman
Production Company: Aether Films
Talent/Athlete: Ethan Ewing

Communications Agency: Always Human
CEO: Josh White
Senior Communications Manager: Caitlin Hopkins
Senior PR Account Executive: Maddison Maguire