Audi inspires Aussies to rediscover the great open road in new campaign via We Are Social

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Audi inspires Aussies to rediscover the great open road in new campaign via We Are Social

With many regional restaurants, wineries and hotels back open for business, Audi Australia is on a journey to inspire Australians to rediscover the culinary treasures and lesser-known destinations, available in their own backyards through an editorial content series, ‘Plates Worth The Passage’, in collaboration with partner socially-led creative agency We Are Social.


Plates Worth The Passage’ shines a spotlight on Australian small businesses, offering viewers the chance to recharge their tastebuds with a travel itinerary curated by local photographers and writers, who made each journey departing from their nearest capital city in the all-electric Audi e-tron.

The pattern of COVID outbreaks and subsequent restrictions in 2020, which continue to this day, have been a reminder for all Australians that the ability to take a ‘road trip’ to unique locations around the country is something of a privilege that can all-too-often be taken for granted.

Some of Australia’s top regional restaurants and hospitality venues are featured in ‘Plates Worth The Passage’. Woven throughout each instalment in the series is a focus on small businesses, both established and newly-opened, who prioritise an innovative approach to hospitality. A key emphasis on sustainability is also apparent across all venues with the use of seasonal, locally-harvested and indigenous ingredients – all of which is captured in stunning photography lensed by some of Australia’s most influential content creators.

Audi inspires Aussies to rediscover the great open road in new campaign via We Are Social

Says Nikki Warburton, chief customer and marketing officer at Audi Australia: “Plates Worth The Passage is a rich new content series encouraging Australian’s to hit the road and support regional communities that have been hit hard this year, first by the bushfires, and then by the ongoing pandemic.

“Each narrative unearths a unique dining experience, cleverly fused together with local expert advice from passionate Australians, all against the backdrop of an insight into the future of mobility with the all-new Audi e-tron.”

Audi inspires Aussies to rediscover the great open road in new campaign via We Are Social

Plates Worth The Passage’ comes to life in a series of feature articles on Audi Magazine, with contributions from writers James McRory (Editor, Audi Magazine), Natascha Mirosch, Danielle Costley and Paul Murrell. Accompanying imagery created by James Thompson (@food_feels), Marc Llewellyn (@emvielle), Nick Cooper (@coopsfrootloops), Harry Vick (@harryvick) and Jess Bonde (@wildbonde) features in the Audi Magazine and across the Audi Australia Facebook and Instagram channels, as well as on each creator’s channels.

Says Suzie Shaw, managing director, We Are Social: “Audi is really focusing on the publishing space, creating lifestyle content that their audience will lean into. We worked with some incredibly talented creators to produce this beautiful content that will hopefully inspire Aussies to get out into regional Australia and explore the open road.”

This is the third major content series We Are Social has released for Audi since being appointed to the social media account in January. ‘Plates Worth The Passage’ follows the immersive slow-TV film ‘The Drive’, created while in lockdown, as well as Drives After Dark’, another visually striking content series profiling nocturnal road trips undertaken by brand ambassadors and influencers in Q models across urban and regional locations nationwide.

Audi inspires Aussies to rediscover the great open road in new campaign via We Are Social

Each series is testament to how Audi and We Are Social are continuing to develop and adapt their content marketing strategy in accordance with Australia’s evolving socio-cultural climate and the needs of their audience.

The story that was originally scheduled to run next in the series features the Argyle Inn in Taralga, NSW. But as a result of the current COVID-19 developments in the state, it has been temporarily put on hold.

Stories departing from Brisbane, Hobart, and Adelaide are now live, with a story on WA featuring this week. Features on NSW and VIC will be published in early 2021.

All ‘Plates Worth The Passage’ content is available to view online at:

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