ATHENA champions women in sport in new Athena Nutrition ‘MADE DIFFERENT’ campaign by JOY

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A major campaign by JOY is supporting the launch of ATHENA Sports Nutrition, a new brand dedicated to empowering women in sports from grassroots to professional athletes representing Australia.


ATHENA’s parent company Vitaco Health identified a gap in the sports nutrition category when they saw that it had been dominated by male brands for many years. Not anymore. A collaboration between nutrition experts and professional female athletes, ATHENA is a sports nutrition range specifically made for female biological formulating +Factors like Iron, Calcium, and Collagen, with Protein to increase physical performance.

ATHENA’s mission is to champion women in sports at all levels and JOY has worked with Vitaco Health to roll out the biggest advertising campaign for female sports nutrition that Australia and New Zealand have ever seen. The campaign represents over $2 millions of investment, backed by strong market distribution and media support.

Says Cristy Riddell, marketing lead at ATHENA: “We built the ATHENA brand not only from what the science says athletic women need, but also what real athletes and experts have told us from their first-hand experiences. Our mission is to be the best sports nutrition brand that fuels performance and optimises recovery for athletic women at all levels. The brief to JOY was to launch the new ATHENA brand with impact, celebrating the ATHENA athletes who use our product as well as the benefits that elevate our product versus the pack.”

Three amazing female athletes have been selected as ATHENA’s first ambassadors and will be the faces of the first campaign, MADE DIFFERENT, namely Matilda’s Kyra Cooney-Cross, professional netballer Kim Ravaillion and basketball sharp-shooter Emma Clarke. The campaign strategy is powered by joined-up thinking with the PR, creative, social and media teams working seamlessly together across digital, out of home and social media platforms.

Says Martin Patton, principal of JOY: “It has been an absolute privilege to be involved in a campaign for a category game changer like ATHENA from its conception to its launch. ATHENA is unique in the market and it comes at the perfect time to support the next generation of rising athletes. We hope everyone will find the athletes as inspiring as we do.”

Says Libby Young, creative director of JOY: “It has been a dream to be part of the ATHENA journey from the start and to contribute to a brand that is 100% unapologetically dedicated to women. Collaborating with our client partners, our creative goal was to honour the strength and power of all female athletes, their aspirations and what sets them apart. The audience will be able to see a new side of our ambassadors, beyond the field and court, showcasing their journeys, training and paths to success.”

ATHENA champions women in sport in new Athena Nutrition ‘MADE DIFFERENT’ campaign by JOY

Client: ATHENA
Marketing Lead: Cristy Riddell
GM Vitaco Health: Alex Boden
Brand Manager: Angela Taranto
Ass Brand Manager: Kristy Lervasi

Agency: JOY
Principal/ Strategist: Martin Patton
Creative Director: Libby Young
Designer: Sarah Straker-Williams
Designer: Nico Henrikson
Integration Director:  Amar Narula
Account Director: Joel Wilson
Account Executive: Olivia Migliorino
Media Account Director: Marissa Williamson
Social Account Director: Jordan Sisson
Operations Director: Oscar Birken
Studio Manager: Kath Hunter
Studio Artist: Alex Hurst

PR: Cheeky Little
PR Director: Steph Hudson

Production: Chisel
Partner: Zak Kaczmarek
GM: Isabelle Seeto
Director: Emily Mays
Senior Producer: Emma Whitehouse

Australian Crew:
DOP: Jarryd Sinclair
Gaffer: Nik Damianakis / Teretano Reti
Grip: Jonathan Scott / Josh Turner
Stills: Mackenzie Sweetnam

London Crew:
DOP: Natalja Safronova
Gaffer:  Hollie Mapp
Stills Photographer: Gray Hughes
Edit: Chisel Post
Mix:  Klang
VFX: White Chocolate
Grade: Peter Danks