Amazon Alexa & Devices shows off Aussie lingo in ‘absolute banger’ campaign via Havas Village


An integrated campaign from across the Havas Village has launched to demonstrate the new Aussie language prowess of Amazon Alexa and establish her place in Australian culture and conversation.


The digital-first campaign is designed to raise awareness for Alexa and devices in Australia following the addition of a stack of new Aussie lingo to her vocabulary, including ‘yeah/nah’, ‘mozzie’, ‘barbie’ and ‘bucket down’.

The integrated campaign saw One Green Bean (OGB) responsible for the creative idea, PR and influencer elements, strategy through Havas Labs, with creative execution and production via Host/Havas. Media was through global Amazon agency, Rufus.

Six 30-second creative executions feature media personality Sophie Monk and comedy duo The Inspired Unemployed in their homes teaching Alexa some of Australia’s most distinctive and unique phrases.

Says Jen Beirne, head of marketing for Amazon Alexa & Devices: “It’s exciting to be collaborating with true blue Aussies to develop a fun campaign that helps demonstrate just how Australian Alexa has become. She’s certainly learnt a lot in the last three years down under, and following the campaign launch, more of us are speaking with Alexa like a mate! From the comments and feedback shared by our customers and community post-launch, the fun and engaging nature of the campaign is exactly what we all need right now.”

Says Simone Gupta, Havas PR Australia CEO, responsible for OGB: “The campaign shows an idea can come from anywhere and flourish through collaboration between our Village agencies, with the idea developed within One Green Bean and expertly executed by our partners at Host/Havas.”

Says Jon Austin, executive creative director, Host/Havas: “As a long time Aussie resident, I know my share of Aussie-ism but as a Kiwi, even I admit I hadn’t heard some in these scripts. A ‘swoopy boy?’ How is that a thing?! Fortunately, Alexa was on hand to clear up any confusion. And working with our Village mates to combine brilliant talent and brilliant tech has been a deadset bottler. Alexa – did I use that right? Probably not.”

The ‘Aussies get Alexa. Because Alexa gets Aussies.’ campaign launched on 20 September and is running for three weeks across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Client: Amazon Alexa & Devices
One Green Bean
Havas Labs