Alt.vfx calls in 10 yrs of favours for a great cause

Alt.vfx calls in 10 yrs of favours for a great cause

Alt.vfx director/founder Colin Renshaw and chief of operations Pete Herbert is calling on friends and colleagues in the creative industry to support their team The Greenscreen Machine in this year’s Shitbox Rally to raise funds for Cancer Council of Australia.


Says Renshaw: “Calling all creative directors that have ever asked Alt.vfx to buy into your creative…

“Calling all executive producers that have ever asked Alt.vfx to help out your newest director or reboot an old one…

“Calling all directors who wanted and got that 90 second cut for the reel…

“Calling all young creative teams (even if you’re old now) that begged us to help you win that pitch…

“Calling all of you that wanted a little advice or just to pick our brains…

“For all of you – it’s time to give back – not to us directly but to a great cause – the Shitbox Rally in support of the Cancer Council of Australia.

Alt.vfx calls in 10 yrs of favours for a great cause

“We’re super pumped to tell the world that we’re taking part in the Spring 2022 Shitbox Rally! Yep, us – Col “Ricardo” Renshaw and Pete ‘Hordor’ Herbert from Alt.

“We’re downing our wacoms, shutting our laptops and getting far far away from our comfort zones. We will be rocketing up the dirt track from Mackay to Darwin in a 1983 Merc shitbox.

“So, if the idea of us eating bulldust by day and swagging it in snake-infested red earth by night has you intrigued or sniggering… now is the time to pay up.

Alt.vfx calls in 10 yrs of favours for a great cause

“Day in and day out we work in visual FX but the Shitbox Rally is an opportunity to take some time away from creating Australia’s best VFX, to support a great cause.

“What skills do we have that ensure we can confidently take on the challenge of driving a shitbox… a car worth just $1,500… via some of Australia’s most formidable roads, we hear you ask? Absolutely f**k all.

“Shitbox Rally, now in its 13th year is the largest community lead fundraiser for the Cancer Council in Australia. Part of our participation is that we need to raise a minimum of $5K but you know us – overachievers – so we’re positive we can do better than that! The 2022 Spring rally target is set at $2.5M hint, hint…”

How to help The Greenscreen Machine Team:

Donate, donate and donate – you can do this as an individual or a company (so then it’s even tax deductible).


Says Renshaw: “If you really owe us, become a Team Sponsor. There’s a few opportunities to sponsor the Greenscreen Machine – get your logo on the Greenscreen Machine and take the journey with us.”

Get in touch for more info –

Spread the word – tell your friends. You can also follow our journey as October approaches and during the rally too.

Says Renshaw and Herbert: “Give til it hurts and don’t make us chase you!”