Almond Board of Australia launches ‘Live the Almond Life’ campaign via Welbourn O’Brien


The Almond Board of Australia has launched the ‘Live the Almond Life’ campaign via Welbourn O’Brien, Adelaide, encouraging Australians to grab a healthy handful of Australian Almonds.


The Almond Board of Australia approached Welbourn O’Brien to help them develop Australia’s first national almond advertising campaign, with a focus on the under-indexing younger demographic. Given the numerous health benefits of almonds, the campaign encourages Australians to ‘Live the Almond Life’ by showing unexpected and humorous results after consuming Australian Almonds.

We are promoting a lifestyle; a way of living built on making smart, healthy choices. It’s choosing a healthy handful of Australian Almonds over other snacks that have no nutritional value. So, if you are looking for a healthy snack, grab a handful of Australian Almonds and start living the almond life.

Says Tim Jackson, Chief Executive Officer for The Almond Board of Australia: “The team at Welbourn O’Brien and Carat have delivered a promotional package that features top shelf creative content and a strategic spend that optimises the reach to our target markets. We look forward to measuring the results in the weeks ahead and collaborating on the next phase of our marketing campaign.”

Says Josh Welbourn, Co-Founder and CEO at Welbourn O’Brien: “The campaign illustrates the benefits of Australian Almonds in a unique way, as we continue to receive advice from an actual almond. In addition to the humorous (but informative) nature of the message, the development of this character provides fantastic opportunities for future iterations and adventures as we continue to ‘Live the Almond Life’.”

Agency: Welbourn O’Brien
Co-Founder/ CEO: Josh Welbourn
Co-Founder / Creative Director: Troy O’Brien
Senior Art Director: Matthew Bugeja
Motion Graphic Designer: Lucas Bugeja
Production Company: Welbourn O’Brien
Director: Josh Welbourn & Troy O’Brien
DOP: Matthew Bugeja
Camera Operator: Lucas Bugeja
3D Animation: Moonstring Animation
Photographer: Alex Robertson
Audio: Seeing Sounds
Editor: Welbourn O’Brien Team
Media: Carat

Client: The Almond Board of Australia
CEO: Tim Jackson
Marketing Development Manager: Joseph Ebbage
Marketing Officer: Lou Martin

Almond Board of Australia launches ‘Live the Almond Life’ campaign via Welbourn O’Brien