AIRBAG director Angie Bird’s film shines spotlight on transphobia for White Ribbon


AIRBAG director Angie Bird has created a compelling short film for White Ribbon.


White Ribbon launches its newest campaign, Short Life Stories which follows the life of a transgender woman from her transition onward. This campaign delves into her journey as she embraces her authentic self, a path for some that is often tragically disrupted and cut short by transphobia and gender-based violence.

The PSA is a call-to-action in response to the rising hate, discrimination and violence against the transgender communities. White Ribbon’s primary objective, as a dedicated ally to the transgender communities, is to facilitate constructive dialogue that diminishes transphobia.

Says Humberto Carolo, chief executive officer, White Ribbon: “As a dedicated ally, White Ribbon has developed Short Life Stories to honour the transgender communities and highlight the profound reality that the journey towards their authentic selves can be a long and emotional process. Tragically, far too often, these individuals have their lives cut short by gender-based violence, hate and discrimination.”

The spot launches during Transgender Awareness Week, leading into support for both Transgender Day of Remembrance and 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. Short Life Stories aims to raise awareness of the critical need to dismantle transphobia by showcasing the brevity of transgender lives in a film celebrating their journey from the day they transition and truly begin to live their authentic lives.

Says Kiara-Kumail, lead actor in the PSA: “Part of what drew me to this PSA is that although we often hear narratives of violence against trans individuals, White Ribbon works directly with men to learn healthy behaviours and embrace allyship, leading to actionable change. What I hope viewers will get out of this is a sense of celebration for trans people, for the whole, rich, multifaceted and vibrant community that it is. I imagine a world where we are not mourning the deaths of trans people, but celebrating their lives while they dance through the streets with all their unbridled and unapologetic joy.”

White Ribbon has always focused on highlighting the systemic and societal issues that lead to gender-based violence. Its mission is to help men and boys understand the reality and dimension of this issue so they can become allies, challenge harmful behaviours, and make real change.

The campaign is created by Toronto-based creative agency Bensimon Byrne, with PR by its sister shop Narrative.

Angie’s work can be viewed here, and for enquiries, please contact