AIA Vitality launches new TV series ‘The Healthy Cooks’ via Bastion Collective + Bengar Films

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The Healthy Cooks, a new food television series supported by AIA Vitality, is airing for the first time this summer – giving viewers delicious recipes, tips, hacks and advice on eating well and being well. The Healthy Cooks was created and produced by Bengar Films in partnership with Bastion Collective.


The show is hosted by AIA Vitality Ambassador Laura Henshaw, alongside a super team line up including Henshaw’s Keep It Cleaner co-founder Stephanie Claire-Smith as well as renowned chef Tobie Puttock and MasterChef winner Diana Chan who come together to deliver 24 exciting recipes over eight episodes – airing on Channel 9 at 1pm, Saturdays until 26 December.

AIA Vitality is health and life insurer AIA’s world-leading health and wellbeing program, which aims to empower Australians to take small steps in the right direction to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.

With the support of AIA Vitality, The Healthy Cooks offers a brand new and fresh take on health and wellbeing – responding to Australia’s growing health movement and encouraging Australians to embrace healthier food choices and be the best version of themselves.

Executive producer of The Healthy Cooks Catherine Gunn said the recipes are designed for all people to enjoy, exploring all types of diets, including plant-based, gluten-free, pescatarian and FODMAP recipes.

Says Gunn: “We’ve had a tough year in Australia with COVID-19 and we’re all looking for uplifting, fresh and positive entertainment. This food series was created to bring simple changes into our homes and kitchens to make big differences to people’s lives – to create joy.

“We’re all addicted to photographing beautiful plates of food and posting for friends to enjoy. The series taps into what we’re already doing with our mobile phones — sharing food ideas. At The Healthy Cooks we think it’s about sharing the goodness of cooking and having a good time doing it. So, we’ve aimed at reshaping the traditional cooking show format, with entertainment which is contemporary, relevant and fun for audiences to follow.

“The line-up of talent for The Healthy Cooks is a tour-de-force of social media prowess, positivity and genuine passion for making healthier food choices. It certainly makes sharing food recipes exciting and we’re clearly not taking ourselves too seriously. It simply connects our food choices to feeling good and being happy – and that’s what we all need right now.”

AIA Vitality launches new TV series ‘The Healthy Cooks’ via Bastion Collective + Bengar Films