ahm health insurance encourages young Aussies to un-busy their minds with The Clear Mind Experiment launch via Gen C

ahm health insurance encourages young Aussies to un-busy their minds with The Clear Mind Experiment launch via Gen C

ahm has launched The Clear Mind Experiment, a new audio-visual tool to help Australians un-busy their minds. The campaign via Melbourne based agency Gen C, was developed using extensive research from The Mind Room to help understand what triggers and variables will help elicit calm focus.


ahm is the uncomplicated private health insurers that keep things simple and easy, so that Aussies can get back to enjoying the moments that matter. ahm launched its ‘Simple Bit’ platform in 2018 with a simplistic illustrative language that spoke to its brand promise. This year, ahm teamed up with Gen C, to take it one step further and deliver on its promise of being ‘The Simple Bit’ by offering young Australians an antidote to their daily stresses through the new tangible content experience.

Audiences will be served in-feed messages encouraging them to “take a moment” on ahm. For those that want more, users can click through to an immersive online experience allowing them to get involved in the experiment, try the variables and ultimately find their own bespoke moment of calm focus.




The Clear Mind Experiment allows users to choose between a number of unlikely elements such as kittens and lava lamps or classical music and soft whispers, to generate their own immersive experience specifically designed to help un-busy the mind.

Says Amanda Romeo, head of marketing, ahm: “The clear mind experiment allows us to become the simple bit for people searching for some calm amongst the chaos of daily life. Sometimes all you need is just 90 uninterrupted seconds (and maybe a cute goat or a lava lamp) to regain your focus to and get back to enjoying the moments that matter.”

Says Jack White from Gen C: “This campaign isn’t about just pushing a brand message into feeds, it’s about understanding and connecting more deeply with our audience in order to provide a rich content experience that will resonate with them. We created over 80 tailored pieces of communication with bespoke messages for the channels our audience use. We feel this is what best in class content should look like.”

ahm health insurance encourages young Aussies to un-busy their minds with The Clear Mind Experiment launch via Gen C

According to The Mind Room’s Dr Jo Mitchell: “Australians are finding themselves in a state of information overload. With the modern brain working overtime to process all of this, we’ve lost our ability to focus on one thing at a time and find that moment of calm focus to help the brain recharge.”

The campaign is running across social in-feed (facebook, instagram), native, YouTube, cinema, editorial and a making of/short form doco series.

Find out which combination works best for you at thesimplebit.com.au/clearmymind/

Read the science behind the experiment at thesimplebit.com.au/behindclearmind/

Creative Agency: Gen C
Jack White – Executive Director
Nic Cox – Executive Producer
Britt Lippett – Operations Director
Jarrod Lowe – Creative Director
Alex Crampton – Art Direction / Design

Production Company: Finch Productions
Director: Luke Bouchier
Producer: Amy Dymond

Post Production: Gen C
Editor: Josh Chiodo
Sound / Music Director: Lawrence Greenwood
Making of Director: Hayden Somerville
Making of sound design: Elliot Lovejoy-Hall

Research: The Mind Room
Lead Psychologist: Dr Jo Mitchell
Business and Programming Manager: Megan Sheehy

Media: Carat
Client Director: Ari Petropoulos
Digital and Tech Director: Mike Denapoli
Client Solutions Manager: Sam Byrne

Website/UX: South South West
Director of Strategy: Jonathan Price
Director of Publishing: Ben Birchall
Digital Designer: Nick Fox

PR: Clemenger BBDO