Agencies unite to launch ‘colllective’ – a new model in creative collaboration

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Agencies unite to launch ‘colllective’ – a new model in creative collaboration

Three established brand, design and marketing agencies have united to officially launch a new model of creative collaboration aimed at delivering a comprehensive suite of user-focused services to the market.


The new venture colllective, brings together R-Co, HM, and Marketing with Purpose (MWP). Whilst all three established agencies will continue to retain their own identity and client base, colllective was born out of a shared vision of delivering more value to clients without the constraints of a large agency or studio.

Respective founders, Richard Henderson (above left) from R-Co, Nancy Bugeja (centre) from HM and Ric Navarro (right) from MWP comment that the last few years have been defined by rapid change and unprecedented challenges, where traditional models of agency work are being disrupted. Enter the colllective, a bold reimagination of creative collaboration.

Says Henderson: “We have actually had a long association with a great deal of mutual admiration and respect. When we got together at the end of 2023 and started talking more seriously about what clients are looking for, we immediately aligned on shared values and a vision to deliver more to clients. We could immediately identify our strategic approach and thinking to every piece of work as one of our differentiators; one that catapults our creative process.”

This shared vision is reinforced by Bugeja who says colllective brings together top tier talent with a nimbleness and agility to suit each client and each project.

“By avoiding the traditional costly matrix structure of most studios and agencies, we pass on our efficiencies – both cost and talent – to our clients. Our colllective model allows for flexibility to have the best talent on tap: a specialisation tailored to each unique business as needed. Agility isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s our core ethos. We listen to our clients without preconceptions, ensuring a deeper understanding of their needs”

This narrative is supported by the group’s purpose to ‘do more (good), be more (creative), and deliver more (value) for our clients’.

Says Bugeja: “We believe in delivering more. More impact, more value, more innovation.”

Navarro agrees, adding that the founders are deeply interested in being authentically client-focused and outcomes driven: “What sets us apart is our extended team of collaboration experts who have a laser-like focus on delivering solutions and outcomes to clients that will shift the needle with their audiences and customers. From subject matter specialists to former C-suite professionals, each talented member within the colllective group brings their own unique skills, specialisation, and deep experience: talent that flexes according to specifics of each project. We bring together specialist expertise for diverse thinking and impactful solutions.”

Whilst the founders of colllective are Melbourne-based, the broader team extends Australia-wide and internationally including R-Co offices in Hong Kong and China.

colllective has launched with several projects including an events and branding strategy and execution for the Committee for Melbourne.

Says Mark melvin, CEO of the Committee: “Working with R-Co and the colllective team has been seamless. They have delivered an exceptional brand image that has positioned us perfectly.”

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