Agencies BEST and PHORIA enter a joint venture

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Agencies BEST and PHORIA enter a joint venture

Melbourne-based wayfinding and placemaking agency, BEST., has forged a purpose-led joint venture partnership with Melbourne immersive tech studio, PHORIA. Together, the globally-recognised team will expand their client solutions by harnessing augmented intelligent technologies to transform built environments and enhance human experiences.


Over the past five years, BEST. founder and CEO, Jacob Burke, and business director, Janelle Toomey, have reshaped BEST. from a traditional signage design agency into a multi-disciplinary agency with human experience design at the core. The newly-formed joint venture partnership with PHORIA, marks a major milestone in BEST.’s evolution, in keeping with its vision to advocate for the new on all client projects.

Says Toomey: “In a world where consumers have never been more connected to technology, we need to harness possibility and not wait idly for the solutions to become available for our clients. The partnership between our businesses brings together an expert team to explore new wayfinding and built environment strategy and design solutions. This is going to provide our clients access to limitless business opportunities, in a time that has never been more challenging.

“Together we intend to provide world-leading immersive tech solutions that include virtual, augmented and mixed reality technology into all of BEST’s retail transformation and wayfinding projects. On the other side, BEST will provide PHORIA with strategic solutions in human movement in the built environment and capacity to integrate interior and architectural solutions to the tech offering.”

Says Steven Kounnas, co-founder of PHORIA: “With emerging technologies like virtual, augmented and mixed realities comes new ways to interface and interact with the environments around us. We’re thrilled to be working with BEST. to make digital wayfinding and placemaking even more immersive and engaging.

“Our Augmented Reality (AR) Digital Twins offer a dynamic platform that can operate without the limitations of traditional physical signage, creating unique possibilities for indoor wayfinding. As digital content can be visualised in AR onroute, this paves the way to embed anything from directions to advertising to works of art. We’re excited to lead the way with these creative solutions and to unlock experiences for the future with BEST.”