Adora Fertility shows positive outcomes using the ‘magic of science’ in new campaign via Awaken

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Independent full-service agency Awaken has recruited real families and clinicians in a new campaign for Adora Fertility that shows the positive outcomes using the ‘magic of science’ for couples considering IVF to conceive.


The campaign, which has also taken out a platinum MarCom Award this week, is designed to drive brand awareness of Adora. Due to the sensitive topic of IVF, Awaken elevates what Adora does as being a beautiful and magical offering for prospective parents, whilst visually showing the journey that they can look forward to experiencing with optimism and excitement and everything that is magical along the way.

The campaign recognises that the journey to starting a family is not the same for everyone and the IVF journey is not widely discussed, which the campaign seeks to address in a positive way.

The TV commercial opens on montage of heart-warming pictures of a family; seeing the blue line on a pregnancy test, a pregnant woman with her husband rubbing her tummy, the couple holding their scans, in the birthing studio, at a child’s first birthday party, and all of the amazing magical moments that most people hope will happen.

The video then rewinds back through those magical scenes, as well as scenes of the couple’s actual IVF journey in reverse including a consultant meeting, medication injections, follicle scanning and footage of the sperm being inserted into the egg, ending at the start of the couple’s first day together at an Adora Clinic. The final scene shows the full circle journey with the family walking into the clinic with their child, to introduce her to the Adora consultant who helped their IVF journey.

Says Amelia Morgan, creative director, Awaken: “To ensure we remained empathetic throughout, we wanted the ad to be as authentic as possible. What made developing this ad even more special was that everything that was shown was genuine. The staff, the family, the settings. Due to COVID, it was genuinely the first time the family had been able to meet their consultant face to face since successfully having their child through Adora. It definitely evoked some emotions.”

Says Owen Kane, creative director, Awaken: “What Adora and the team does is literal magic through science. It’s amazing to be able to manipulate the human body to create a baby. This brought about the concept of ‘the magic of science’. This concept conjured a real emotional cue to the core of the communications. Magic is an exciting, intangible entity that is the result of the clinical process. By saying ‘the magic of science’, we were able to ground the idea in the clinical but bridging it to happy emotions. Conception and childbirth is magical, the feeling is magical and life changing.”

Says Emily Hedgman, marketing director, Adora Fertility: “Our patients go through a lot to have their babies, including the part of their journey before they ever step through our clinic doors. Awaken’s concept doesn’t skip over the nitty gritty of having a baby via IVF, but celebrates the magical moments that can be achieved with the help of science in Adora clinics across Australia. Adora’s mission is to make these moments affordable and accessible to everyone.”

The Adora campaign creatives produced by Awaken also included out of home, online display and social.

Director: Mitchel Loveday
Creative Director and Executive Producer: Amelia Morgan
Creative Director: Owen Kane
Adora Marketing Director: Emily Hedgman
Awaken CEO: Chris Parker
Awaken General Manager: Veronica Gutierrez
Awaken Account Manager: Maggie Berringer
Photographer: Zach Bowden
Art Director: Chelsea Loveday
1st AC: Grant Kohlenberg
Gaffer: Eric Cech
Hair and Make Up: Zoe Allbon