ADMA launches education initiative with Facebook, Google and Snapchat for creatives, strategists

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ADMA launches education initiative with Facebook, Google and Snapchat for creatives, strategists

In collaboration with Australia’s biggest digital and social media platforms, ADMA has launched Creative & Effectiveness School. The ten-week course is aimed at industry creatives and strategists.


The practical course is aimed at creatives and strategists who would like to up-skill and refresh. It is led and co-ordinated by highly-respected strategist Anthony Dever. Each segment of the ten-week course will be hosted by industry partners including Facebook, Google and Snapchat, working in collaboration with creative and strategic guest lecturers.

Says Andrea Martens, ADMA CEO: “This course came out of a wide consultation. We spoke with some of the best minds in the business, CCO’s and CSO’s across Australia, as well as leads from Facebook, Google and Snapchat. The agency leaders told us that strategic and creative departments are moving at increasing speed. They told us that creating time to stay up-to-date with digital platforms was a constant challenge for them and their teams. Yet, they wanted their teams to feel more confident and comfortable executing big ideas in these spaces. We saw this as a great opportunity for collaboration between agencies and platforms, and this exciting new course is the result.”

Says Dever: “The agency leads have helped provide a sense check, filter and feedback based on their applied experience from being on the tools every day. In partnership with the deep knowledge from the platforms, it’s a wonderful combination. Ultimately, I hope the students are as excited as I am about the potential of seeing big ideas coming to life and having a big impact on these platforms and beyond.”

Week 1 of the course launched at Facebook, with a session hosted by Dever, Facebook’s Tom Hyde (pictured above), RGA’s Craig Brooks and Justine Cusack, and Liana Ross, CMO of MONA, who flew in to take part.

Says Steve Coll, ADMA board member and recently appointed Head of Facebook Creative Shop ANZ: “A huge thank you to our supporters from Snapchat, Google and Facebook, to our speakers for the valuable time and inspiration, to the team at ADMA, and to the brilliant Anthony Dever for his incredible work in shaping and organizing the sessions. It was great to see the 46 students packing out the room for week 1 at Facebook. It was even better to see so many people at different stages of their careers – people for whom learning never stops. It’s the first iteration of the C&E school, and we will continue to refine and improve it. I am delighted to see it up and running.”

Adds Martens: “We are determined to celebrate what agencies do so brilliantly. It’s the reason for this course, and also the reason for the AC&E awards. Hopefully, we can continue to help inspire more great work in our local industry, and remind the entire marketing industry just how valuable it is.”

To register your interest for the next semester of the AC&E School please go to