adidas and JD Sports celebrate inclusivity in new ‘Watch Us Move’ campaign via Andpeople


adidas and retailer JD Sports have joined forces to unveil a campaign, which champions the stories of Australian females creating monumental cultural shifts in their respective industries. Sydney-based creative agency Andpeople and production company Entropico are behind the campaign.


The ‘Watch Us Move’ campaign harnesses the energy and vigour of womxn in 2021, and celebrates self-expression, self-love and body positivity.

Through the campaign, the womxn explore how fluidity in fashion has become an important element in their own journeys of self-expression and identity; a strong signifier of no longer being bound into archaic archetypes – and knowing they can pave the way to a more equitable society.

Whether it’s dance, music, sport or the arts; there are moves being made by talented womxn all across Australia.

In an effort to showcase womxn’s freedom of expression, the campaign puts the spotlight on some of Australia’s finest talents – uniting all womxn and showing the collective that are making real progress and change in the creative scene.

Those that are stepping forward and own their space. Those that are challenging norms, stereotypes and communities. Those that are defining the future of culture, because they are culture.

The campaign features appearances from DJ and skateboarder C.FRIM, artist and dancer Bhenji Ra and musician A.GIRL. Supporting talent includes Naomi Salim, Kilia Pahulu, GLO, Maina Doe, Lydia Kivela, Jessica Jade and Caetlyn Watson.

Says Sarah Indraputri, executive producer, Andpeople: “The female voice is a loud and big one. And brands must always represent the diverse intersections of female identity and power.

“Female empowerment is constantly evolving and progressing, and we need to keep moving it forward – this is essentially the heart of the campaign and what we stand for.”

The adidas ‘Watch Us Move’ campaign will roll out online via JD Sports social media channels as well as in all JD Sports stores from March 17.

Creative Agency – Andpeople
Production Company: Entropico
Director – Chloe de Brito
DOP – Emma Paine
Executive Producer – Aislinn Lowe
Executive Producer – Sarah Indraputri
Executive Producer – Erin Moy
Colourist – Elena Birmingham
Photographer – Imogen Wilson
Stylist – Alexis Aquino
Hair – The Glow Up
Makeup – Tina Matti