5Game Characters explain 5G bandwidth in Optus’ latest instalment via Bear Meets Eagle on Fire


Optus has released the latest instalment of its latest 5G campaign from creative studio Bear Meets Eagle on Fire and director Andreas Nilsson through Revolver/Will O’Rourke.


The film follows on from the recent launch of 5Grannies, 5Guitarists and 5Geniuses and continues with the simple structure of using character groups of five people that begin with the letter ‘G’. This spot brings together 5Game Characters, from different gaming genres, to explain the benefit of 5G bandwidth.

Says Melissa Hopkins, head of marketing, Optus: “This is my personal favourite. A thoroughly enjoyable ad, that’s had an incredible amount of craft and love applied. The finish on this execution is second to none, as an industry we should be incredibly proud of the talent we have here in Australia.”

Says Jay Hawkins, post supervisor, Alt.VFX: “This was a fun one. We knew we had to convey these as video game characters and not just something plucked out of a cartoon, so we played on styles from different genres and eras of games to allow for a quick read”, “Shooting with proxy ‘human’ talent on set allowed us for real world interaction and a great base for us to bed our game characters into reality.”

Client: Optus
Creative Studio: Bear Meets Eagle on Fire

Production Company: Revolver/Will O’Rourke
Director: Andreas Nilsson
Managing Director/ EP: Michael Ritchie
Executive Producer: Pip Smart
Producer: Caroline Kruck
DOP: Stefan Duscio
Production Designer: Michael Iacono

Editor: Peter Sciberras
Edit House: ARC EDIT
Editorial EP: Joseph Perkins
Editorial Producer: Olivia Carolan
Visual Effects and Animation: Alt.vfx
Post Supervisor: Jay Hawkins
Post Producer: Tyrone Estephan
Colour: Ben Eagleton
Sound & Music: Rumble Studios

Photographer: Julian Wolkenstein
Production: Photoplay Photography
Executive Producer: Alison Lydiard
Producer: Ross Colebatch
Retouching: Cream Electric Art

5Game Characters explain 5G bandwidth in Optus’ latest instalment via Bear Meets Eagle on Fire