4 Pines lets Australians know ‘If you love something you don’t have to let it go’ in new digital campaign via Bounce Creative


4 Pines Brewing Co has launched its latest low alcohol product: Ultra Low, with a tongue in cheek message for the growing number of Aussies who are changing their drinking behaviours, in a new campaign by the brand’s digital partner Bounce Creative . Brewed with a craft beer taste and 0.5% alcohol, the brand is targeting the new product to beer lovers across the country.


The campaign is the first piece of video content captured by Bounce Creative, who have been running the 4 Pines social pages since mid 2021.

Says Joel Chapman, creative director, Bounce Creative: “We leaned into the cultural truth that separating socialising and drinking can often be tricky, but with new lower alcohol alternatives like Ultra Low, you can still be social without having to break up with your beer.”

Shot in Manly, the content also supports the brewery’s ethos of celebrating the organisation’s ‘real characters’ with a cast made up solely of 4 Pines employees.

Says Sam Maguire, assistant brand manager, 4 Pines: “Here at 4 Pines, we’re all about great beers and good times, but we realise a little moderation is never a bad thing. Even though Ultra low has less alcohol, it still tastes like one of our award winning beers. This cheeky campaign captures the idea that if you’re a beer lover, you don’t have to let it go. We’ve also managed to continue our tradition of using only 4 Pines staff as the talent in our creative, which makes us incredibly proud.”

The campaign is now live across digital channels and social media platforms.

Client – 4 Pines Brewing Co
Chief of Marketing: Todd Atkinson
Marketing Manager: Tom Wallage
Senior Brand Manager: Michelle Zundel
Assistant Brand Manager: Sam Maguire

Creative & Media Agency: Bounce Creative
Executive Creative Director: Joel Chapman
General Manager: Michaela Lobb
Art Director: Jacob Lumsdaine
Copywriter: Chris De Santis
Animator: Jennie Bentley
Media Director: Neil Warren
Media Performance Director: Adam Sullivan
Media Manager: Lisa Rubner
Media Manager: Abroo Dhillon

 Production: Optika
Director/Producer: James Tyrrell
DP: Brandon Weston
AC: Shaun Graham
Lighting: Callum Rogers
PA: Luciano Inuggi
Post: Optika