13CO signs director Paul Nevison to its roster

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13CO signs director Paul Nevison to its roster

13CO has signed Kiwi born, Australian based director Paul Nevison to its roster of directors.


Joining from Sweetshop, Nevison is a storyteller whose work is evocative and honest – bringing a wealth of experience in telling stories that compassionately move an audience.

Says Roy De Giorgio, executive producer, 13CO: “I first noticed Paul when he won the Cannes Young Director Award in 2019. His work was stunning and emotive and I asked myself ‘why have I never heard of this Australian director?’”

13CO signs director Paul Nevison to its roster

Click here to view ‘Volta’.

Nevison had been somewhat under the radar, travelling throughout the developing world filming cinematic documentaries funded by some of the world’s most effective humanitarian NGOs such as World Vision and Compassion International. These beautiful, cinematic and emotionally charged human stories tackle universal themes of family, love, loss and are often set within the challenging landscapes of war, ethnic discrimination and devastating displacement.

Says Nevison: “I always feel privileged to be invited into these worlds and in some small way bring wider awareness – stories that connect us to what it means to be human are now more important than ever.”

Nevison started his commercial career in London with a heart wrenching campaign for Heathrow Airport, depicting the perils of human trafficking and child exploitation. In Australia he has directed commercials for clients such as Suncorp, the University of Sydney and Snooze.

13CO signs director Paul Nevison to its roster

Click here to view Thankyou ‘No Small Plan’.

In 2020 his “No Small Plan’ campaign for Australian based social enterprise Thankyou, challenged multinationals P&G and Unilever to reassess their approach to consumerism and partner with Thankyou to help direct profits to battle extreme poverty. This highly disruptive campaign, written and directed by Paul, eventually brought 11 of the world’s largest consumer goods companies to the negotiating table.

Equally at home crafting a moment of real-life or interpreting a scripted scene, Nevison’s film style is steeped in the complexities of human emotion, utilising intimate cinematic portraits that blur the lines between fact and fiction, yet are firmly anchored to a human-centric soul.

13CO signs director Paul Nevison to its roster

Click here to view The University of Sydney ‘The New Day’.

Says Nevison: “13CO was the first production company I spoke with after my Cannes success. Roy has always been a great supporter of my work, so it feels right to come full circle, 3 years later, to be joining the 13CO team. I’m excited about the commercial possibilities ahead.”

Nevison’s work has been recognised and awarded at YDA Cannes, Ciclope, Kinsale Sharks and the 1.4 Awards.

To see more of Paul Nevison’s work, click here.

To work with Paul contact contact Charity Downing at charity@13co.io or Roy De Giorgio at roy@13co.io