13CO signs award winning director/photographer Daniel Max

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13CO signs award winning director/photographer Daniel Max

13CO has signed New Zealand director and photographer Daniel “Maxy” Max for exclusive representation in Australia.


Already having developed a reputation as a true creative force to be reckoned with in his native NZ, Max is looking forward to crossing the ditch.

With a background in stills photography, Max’s style as a multitalented visual storyteller, seamlessly blends technical expertise and a gift for crafting emotive narratives.  He brings a unique perspective to his work, effortlessly merging his adventurous yet soulful spirit from New Zealand’s North Island with a solutions-focused, collaborative approach.

Says Roy De Giorgio, executive producer, 13CO: “It’s rare to find someone like Dan who is so strong across multiple disciplines and delivers it all with the a laidback spirit and Kiwi sense of humour. There’s been lots of laughter over here the last few months.”

13CO signs award winning director/photographer Daniel Max

Click here to view Blunt – Engineering Joy via Thinkerbell, Aotearoa

Know to the Australian market of late for his unique work for Blunt Umbrellas (Thinkerbell, Aotearoa) which Max captured in just one-shot via drone and starring the award winning New Zealand Dance Company Identity.

With a visual narrative focus, Max’s portfolio is as diverse as it is impactful. His technical expertise, coupled with his deeply emotive perspective, makes his work resonate on a universal level and has seen him collaborate with all the main players in New Zealand: Colenso BBDO, Thinkerbell, Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB and VML with campaigns like Asahi, Jaguar, Air New Zealand, Southern Cross and DB Breweries.

Says Max: “Assuming dual roles enhances the overall vision and strengthens the connection to all production aspects. It allows for an extra visual eye during production, ensuring the film and photography elements complement each other perfectly. This approach can draw out more emotive imagery that tells a greater story, fitting the photographic campaign into the film scenes effectively.”

13CO signs award winning director/photographer Daniel Max

Click here to view Asahi – Robot Pour via TBWA\New Zealand

Max’s competitive nature drives him to make the best out of any job. Big or small, he loves the challenge of a good creative brief. He always reflects back to the seed of the idea in order to gain a deeper understanding of the process before his engagement. Collaboration is a huge part of his world as a director and one of the reasons he loves his job.

With an adventurous spirit, Max is equally at home in the wilderness of Mother Nature as he shares the narratives of real people exemplified in his Fonterra – From Here to Everywhere campaign (Colenso BBDO) that took him shooting around the globe.

Max has recently channeled his passion for storytelling into his soon to be released first documentary “Baring Our Souls,” a testament to his exploration of human emotion and resilience. This work delves into mental health and art as a healing power, showcasing individuals on paths of recovery and self-discovery. It reflects Max’s dedication to spotlighting the untold stories that weave the complex fabric of human connections with the natural world.

13CO signs award winning director/photographer Daniel Max

Click here to watch Monteith’s – Follow No One via Colenso BBDO

To see more of Dan Max’s work, click here.

To work with Dan Max, contact contact Charity Downing at charity@13co.io or Roy De Giorgio at roy@13co.io