Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 7.38.00 am.jpgBy Graham Jenks, UK creative director at We Are Social

We Are Social has updated our Cannesogram, an interactive cartogram based on Cannes Lions wins during the past decade, to include the 2016 results. Our Cannesogram skews country sizes and colours based on Lions success during the past decade - so the bigger and darker the country, the more successful it has been.

Overall, the clear winner for 2016 is the United States, which scooped 1 Grand Prix, 43 golds, 87 silvers and 88 bronze awards. Running second is Brazil, which scored 19 golds, 24 silvers and 74 bronze awards, and third is the UK with one Grand Prix, 15 gold, 42 silver and 48 bronze awards.
R.CARRASCO_16 (1).jpgEach week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium - which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.

This week's guest judge is Rebecca Carrasco, head of Facebook & Instagram Creative Shop for Australia and New Zealand.

There are some beautifully crafted pieces of advertainment in here, but as my fingers push thoughts through the keyboard, the one that sticks in my head is the Emotional Pet Campaign. It might not be the first time a PSA has told a story backward to rug-pull on the heartstrings, but the thought justifies the means and makes for a nice idea. Harder to choose a second spot but Coke Rain (a neat little package of almost-branded-golf-content in TVC wrapping) is probably my next pick. READ MORE...
Award presentation_Cannes.jpgThe Asia-Pacific region ended the Cannes Lions Festival with a total of 263 Lions, with Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India and Thailand leading our performance. The total is 54 Lions more than Asia-Pacific's 209 haul at last year's festival.

In total 1360 Lions were awarded with Australia ranked #4 and New Zealand ranked #6. The top performing countries were USA (354), UK (164) and Brasil (90). Germany picked up 63 Lions and France 55.

It was a great performance overall for Asia Pacific's top ranking countries with Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India and Thailand all beating last year's performance. New Zealand, India and Thailand all saw big increases. New Zealand scored 57 Lions compared to 20 in 2015; India increased from 15 last year to 27; and Thailand's 23 Lions was up on last year's tally of 9.

Karen Sproul's Cannes Diary: Wrap

Jury boat.jpgExit Films producer Karen Sproul is Australia's representative on the Film Craft jury. Sproul, along with most of the Australian and NZ jurors, is reporting exclusively for CB.

It's the day after the awards presentation - everyone is shattered after such a big week, and looking forward to getting home.  Nice airport was evacuated this morning with a bomb scare, so can only hope all goes smoothly on everyone's return trips.

My mind is still a bit of a blur after our 6 days locked in the jury room, but I am feeling very proud of the choices our jury made.  I feel there was some very strong work this year, with some exceptional craft in every category.

I have learned that the process the craft jury follows is different to many other jury processes, so I'll try to explain a little.  I think understanding this process will help for future entries.

Cannes. A cathedral of confidence?

img_0310-2 (1).jpgA regular blog by Damon Stapleton, chief creative officer of DDB New Zealand

"All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure." Mark Twain.

It is a strange thing flying 30 hours to France to be welcomed by a thick Russian accent. My driver, Ivan, was a tour guide originally from Vladivostok now living in Nice. I am not sure Russians make great tour guides. Even when they say have a nice day, it sounds vaguely threatening and sinister.

This is the strangeness of Cannes. Russian tour guides, hustlers, believers, charlatans and sometimes you occasionally meet a genius who may or may not be a hustler.

My Russian tour guide was originally an electrical engineer but could not get qualifications in France. I asked why he stayed. He replied, the weather, the woman and the fact that he could say whatever he wanted. He could have an opinion. And Cannes is certainly the right place for that.
Ogilvy_Cannes.jpgThe 2016 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity ended tonight with the presentation of the Network of the Year, awarded to Ogilvy & Mather for the fifth year in a row. 

The network picked up 120 Lions across 31 offices. The haul included one Titanium, one Glass Lion, four Grand Prix awards and 31 Gold Lions. They also won 39 Silver and 44 Bronze awards.

The four Grand Prix wins came from four different countries: Ogilvy & Mather UK for Phillips 'Breathless Choir'; INGO Stockholm, an Ogilvy & Mather/Grey joint venture, for The Swedish Tourist Association 'The Swedish Number';  'Manboobs' campaign for The Breast Cancer Health Movement by the Network's DAVID Buenos Aires office and 'The Everyman Meal' for KFC by Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg.
McWhopper Packaging Proposal BirdsEyeView 2-SMALL-thumb-400x263-207423.jpgNew Zealand has picked up one Gold Lion and one Bronze Lion in the Cannes Integrated Lions, presented tonight in Cannes.

Y&R NZ scored a Gold Lion - one of only two awarded on the night - while Colenso BBDO scored a Bronze, one of only 8 awarded.

The Grand Prix was taken out by BBH New York for Netflix 'House of Cards - FU 2016'.

NZ Winners:

Gold Winner:
Y&R NZ, Burger King, McWhopper

Bronze Winner:
Colenso BBDO, DB Export, Brewtroleum

VIEW THE WINNERS - Integrated Lions Winners.xlsx
2-thumb-400x400-205011.jpgMcWhopper Packaging Proposal BirdsEyeView 2-SMALL-thumb-400x263-207423.jpgNew Zealand has scored two out of a total four rare Titanium Lions handed out tonight in Cannes.

Colenso BBDO has scored a Titanium Lion for DB Export 'Brewtroleum' and Y&R NZ has picked up a Titanium Lion for Burger King 'McWhopper'.

The Grand Prix in the Titanium category was awarded to Venables Bell & Partners San Francisco REI #OptOutside

VIEW THE WINNERS - Titanium Lions Winners.xlsx
IMG_0542 (1).jpgPat Baron, newly appointed chief creative officer at McCann Melbourne catches up with McCann Worldgroup NY executive creative director John Mescall (left) in Cannes.

This week I caught up with John Mescall Global Executive Creative Director for McCann Worldgroup based out of New York at a McCann think tank who shared his thoughts on Cannes this year and more broadly what it takes for agencies to conceive and bring to life great campaigns.
John said, "It takes a village. The best ideas need a village to bring them to life, just read the credits of any of the best campaigns from Cannes this year."
Collaboration is so important, John added, "We have to be educators, sometimes showing agencies awarded creative work doesn't inspire them it can cripple them."
08ukraine-slide-WQUZ-articleLarge.jpgLeading virtual reality studio, LA, has won a Grand Prix at Cannes Lions for Innovation in Visual Storytelling and Branded Entertainment with "The Displaced", its New York Times collaboration, which places viewers directly inside the global refugee crisis. sent creator Imraan Ismail along with New York Times journalist Ben Solomon to South Sudan, Ukraine, and Syria to follow three children as they navigate their way through the largest refugee crisis since World War II.

THE DISPLACED is available to watch on the Within app
PLAY THE BRIDGE-thumb-400x282-178366.jpgSpecial Group has scored a Bronze Lion for 2Degrees Mobile 'Play The Bridge' in Cannes Entertainment for Music Lions, presented tonight in Cannes.

Jung Von Matt Hamburg scored the Grand Prix for EDEKA Zentrale AG & Co. KG 'Home For Christmas'.

VIEW THE WINNERS - Entertainment Lion for Music Winners.xlsx
Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 12.22.51 pm.jpgNew Zealand has scored one Silver Lion and one Bronze Lion in Cannes Entertainment Lions, presented tonight in Cannes.

DDB NZ via Revolver/Will O'Rourke has scored a Silver Lion for SKY TV 'Unforgotten Soldiers' and Y&R NZ via Y&R Media, Y&R Digital and Flying Fish has scored a Bronze Lion for Burger King 'McWhopper".

The Grand Prix was awarded to LA for The New York Times 'The Displaced'.

VIEW THE WINNERS - Entertainment Lions Winners.xlsx
McWhopper Packaging Proposal BirdsEyeView 2-SMALL-thumb-400x263-207423.jpgColenso BBDO and Y&R NZ are the only agencies from New Zealand to make the cut at the shortlist stage of Cannes Integrated Lions.

The agencies have scored one finalist each.

NZ Finalists:
Colenso BBDO, DB Export, Brewtroleum
Y&R NZ / Y&R Media / Y&R Digital / Flying Fish, Burger King, McWhopper

VIEW THE INTEGRATED SHORTLIST - Integrated Shortlist.xlsx

2-thumb-400x400-205011.jpgColenso BBDO and Y&R NZ are the only agencies from New Zealand to make the cut at the shortlist stage of Cannes Titanium Lions. Only 22 entries worldwide made it to the finalist stage.

Colenso BBDO has scored two finalists and Y&R NZ has scored one.

NZ Finalists:
Colenso BBDO, DB Export, Brewtroleum
Colenso BBDO, Amnesty International, Unblocker
Y&R NZ, Burger King, McWhopper

VIEW THE TITANIUM SHORTLIST - Titamium Shortlist.xlsx
Common-Ground-logo-Black copy.jpgIn an unprecedented step for the industry, the world's biggest advertising and marketing services groups will put aside competitive differences at this week's Cannes Lions Festival to launch a major new initiative - "Common Ground" - in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted at the United Nations last year.
Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 1.30.06 pm.jpgCampaign Brief catches up with Malcolm Poynton, global CCO of Cheil, who is president of the 2016 Cannes Mobile jury.


Epica reveals plans for 30th anniversary

Portrait MT 012 haute def (1).jpgThe Epica Awards officially kicked off its 30th anniversary celebrations this week with news of an ever-growing international jury, social and traditional media campaigns and additional categories.
Epica will hold its next jury meeting, creative conference and 30th prize-giving ceremony in Amsterdam from November 14-17. As part of the celebrations, Epica will post and tweet introductions from the 29 issues of its annual Epica Book, with the hashtag #EpicaAwards30.

The introductions have all been written by great creative minds, from John Pallant of Saatchi & Saatchi in 2004 to Matt Eastwood of J. Walter Thompson this year. Award winning campaigns from the past will also be posted and tweeted.
WES0735-Chopper-1200X628[2].jpgThe People's Chopper campaign via DDB New Zealand has come to a close, with more than 1,000 people uploading their Facebook Profile pictures. The unique entry mechanic was designed to reward generous Kiwis. The chopper was skinned earlier this month and was on display at Fieldays.

The digital-led strategy, aimed at acknowledging those who donated to the campaign by giving them their very own space on the side of a real rescue helicopter, saw one of Waikato's Westpac Rescue Helicopters  wrapped in the Facebook profile photos of those who gave to the cause.
NDS_hero_image.jpgOn Thursday 23 June at 11am, Saatchi & Saatchi premiered the 26th edition of the annual New Directors' Showcase (NDS) at the Lumière Theatre in Cannes, to an audience of more than 2,300 Cannes Lions delegates.

The NDS 2016 Showreel and a behind-the-scenes video showing how Saatchi & Saatchi and Team One pulled off the short film conceived, directed and edited by machines, available on YouTube.
IMG_7919.JPGIMG_7955.JPGCampaign Brief - together with sponsors Photoplay and Nylon - hosted an End of Judging Cocktail soirée last night for several Aussie and Kiwi delegates at the Grand Hotel in Cannes.
538fcd0ae00bc0e9adccb76dc9385c93.jpgLBB: Whether you're on the ground on La Croisette or holding the fort back at the office, it can be hard to keep up with the winning work as it breaks at Cannes. With that in mind, LBB has rounded up every Grand Prix winner at this midpoint through the festival.

To read the full story, click here.
PLAY THE BRIDGE-thumb-400x282-178366.jpgSpecial Group Auckland is the only Kiwi agency to be shortlisted in the finalist round of Cannes Entertainment Lions for Music.

The agency has scored three finalists for 2Degrees Mobile 'Play The Bridge'.

VIEW THE MUSIC SHORTLIST - Music Shortlist.xlsx
McWhopper Packaging Proposal BirdsEyeView 2-SMALL-thumb-400x263-207423.jpgNew Zealand has scored four entries in the Entertainment category of Cannes Lions.

Y&R NZ leads the Kiwi pack with two finalists and DDB NZ and Colenso BBDO have scored one finalist each.

NZ Finalists:
Y&R NZ, Burger King, McWhopper
Y&R NZ, Jaguar, Actual Reality
DDB NZ, SKY TV, Unforgotten Soldiers
Colenso BBDO, Pedigree, A Dog's Story


Justin Drape: Camera roll from Carlton Cannes

pic one.jpegJustin Drape, chief creative officer and co-founder, The Monkeys is Australia's representative on the Cannes Film Lions jury. Drape, along with most of the Australian and NZ jurors, is reporting exclusively for CB.

Cannes is inspiring in many ways - the work, some of the industry legends that you see and meet, the speakers past and present (think Lou Reed, Spike Jonze, Vivienne Westwood, Alejandro González Iñárritu and Anna Wintour).

This year, I've also been inspired by my fellow jurors. One of the great pleasures, and privileges, of judging at a show like this, is getting to know the people you share a dark room with for many days - in this case six.

Karen Sproul's Cannes Diary: In the bunker

Early morning chairs.jpgExit Films producer Karen Sproul is Australia's representative on the Film Craft jury. Sproul, along with most of the Australian and NZ jurors, is reporting exclusively for CB.

I have spent 3 days with my 'jury mates' now, in our small, dark bunker in the depths of the Palais. 

We feel as if we're living in a parallel universe.  We start early in the morning - and there are not many people around at that time - but we're always very envious of the people doing the morning yoga on the Carlton jetty - because we'd all love a good stretch after so many hours of sitting.  We hear people coming out of their seminars at the Palais during the day - talking excitedly about what they've seen.  We know real life is happening outside our doors, we just can't reach it.
McWhopper Packaging Proposal BirdsEyeView 2-SMALL-thumb-400x263-207423.jpgY&R NZ has just been awarded the Cannes Media Grand Prix for Burger King 'McWhopper' tonight in Cannes.

The campaign has picked up another Grand Prix opening night in the Print & Publishing Category, as well as 4 Gold and 2 Silver Lions.

The campaign, which began with a print ad in The New York Times and The Chicago Tribune, and was surrounded by shareable content, struck a chord around the world.  The campaign went viral, with nearly 8.9 billion media impressions, $138 million in earned media and a 40 percent increase in awareness of Peace Day, uplifting all of Burger King's brand attributes.  Around the world, people uploaded videos of their own McWhopper creations.

Colenso BBDO has had success scoring one Gold Lion and two Silver Lions and DDB NZ has scored a Bronze.
Y&R NZ - Living Memories - Samuel-thumb-300x423-185432-thumb-300x424-224247.jpgY&R NZ has scored a Bronze Lion for Brake NZ 'Living Memories' in the Creative Data category at Cannes Lions.

The Grand Prix has been awarded to J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam for ING 'The Next Rembrandt'.

VIEW THE WINNERS - Creative Data Winners.xlsx
Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.23.59 pm-thumb-400x223-214199.jpgNew Zealand has picked up two Gold Lions and two Bronze Lions in the Cyber category at Cannes Lions.

Clemenger BBDO Wellington and Saatchi & Saatchi have both scored a Bronze Lion and Colenso and Y&R NZ have scored a bronze Lion each.

NZ Winners:

Gold Winners:
ASB-CK-1D-thumb-400x225-196249.jpgClemenger BBDO Wellington, NZTA, Hello
Saatchi & Saatchi, ASB Bank, Clever Kash

Bronze Winners:
Colenso BBDO, Amnesty International, Unblocker
Y&R NZ, Burger King, McWhopper

VIEW THE WINNERS - Cyber Lions Winners.xlsx
IMG_7846.jpgIMG_7847.jpgThe highlight of Cannes Week for around 60 Aussies and Kiwis is the annual CB Legendary Lunch at La Colombe d'Or in St Paul de Vence, undoubtedly the world's most beautiful garden restaurant.

Dave King's Cannes Diary: Final wrap

IMG_1187.jpgDave King, Kiwi expat and ECD, Innocean Worldwide is Australia's representative on the Direct Lions jury. King, along with most of the Australian and NZ jurors, is reporting exclusively for CB.

Wrap. There were 3070 entries in Direct this year. By the time we got to Cannes there were just over 2,000 following pre-judging. At the end we'd given out 1 Grand Prix, 15 Gold, 25 Silver and 34 (I think ) Bronzes. Just 2.4% of the original entries got metal. And that number would have been even lower had we not been 'encouraged' to bump work up. At one stage we were told we were the toughest Direct Jury in the history of Cannes.
Cannes-Rank-Countries.jpgCANNES-RANK-NZ.jpgCANNES-RANK-AUSTRALIA.jpgThe USA is streets ahead of the rest of the world nearing the halfway mark of the 2016 Cannes Festival of Creativity.

The USA has one Grand Prix, 37 Gold, 69 Silver and 67 Bronze Lions.

The UK (2 Grand Prix, 17 Gold, 37 Silver, 51 Bronze) and Brazil (17 Gold, 24 Silver, 63 Bronze) are fighting it out for second place followed a far way back by Germany, South Africa and France.

New Zealand, currently in 7th spot, is having an incredible Cannes, scoring 46 Lions so far, including two Grand Prix, 13 Gold, 16 Silver and 15 Bronze Lions. And there'll be a lot more metal to come by the end of the week.

In contrast, Australia, currently ranked #9 behind Japan, is putting in a pretty mediocre performance compared to the highs of the last decade. 29 Lions so far, but only 4 Gold Lions. Australia has 8 Silver Lions and 17 Bronze Lions.

A consolation for the Aussies is that Australia was ranked #3 in the Health Lions (3 Silver, 7 Bronze) behind the UK at #1 (2 Grand Prix, 4 Gold, 13 Silver, 11 Bronze) and the USA at #2 (2 Gold, 3 Silver, 13 Bronze). NZ was ranked #13 (1 Gold, 1 Silver).
Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.16.32 am.jpgToday at Cannes, Facebook is announcing four new solutions that make it easier for advertisers to share their messages across mobile platforms. With more than 1.5 billion people accessing Facebook from mobile devices and more than 1 billion people using Facebook on mobile everyday, the Facebook family has more mobile engagement than any other platform.

Facebook's announcements include:
  • The launch of a Creative Hub, where the creative community can learn and build on mobile
  • Introduction of an Audience Insights API in beta, to help businesses build better insights to fuel campaigns
  • Updates to Canvas ads that make it easier for marketers to design, create, share and gain insights
  • Enhancements to Slideshow ads that make it easy for businesses to create videos from photos


Barrel.jpgIn celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Jack Daniel Distillery, the oldest registered distillery in the U.S., Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey has today announced the Jack Daniel's Barrel Hunt, a global scavenger hunt that will unite Friends of Jack across the world via Arnold Worldwide.

The first Barrel Hunt will take place at the home of the distillery in Lynchburg on July 1 and visit more than 50 countries in 90 days. Jack Daniel's will provide clues via its local Facebook pages to help fans find the hidden whiskey barrels around the world, giving them the opportunity to win unique, specially designed prizes to commemorate the distillery's 150th anniversary.

Says Mark McCallum, president of Jack Daniel's: "Jack Daniel's has grown from a local name in Lynchburg to an iconic brand in more than 170 countries by remaining true to its legacy of authenticity, independence and integrity. The 150th anniversary is a major milestone for the distillery and is a perfect opportunity to invite everyone to join us in our celebration of Jack Daniel's with our first-ever global Barrel Hunt."
YouTube Hero Shot_E[2] (1).jpgVisa, the exclusive payment provider at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, has launched its most ambitious integrated global Olympic Games campaign in the company's history via BBDO, New York.

Marking a bold new direction in Visa's marketing and communications, the new "Carpool" campaign will run globally across all media channels from digital to broadcast as an integral part of Visa's overall Olympic sponsorship which includes onsite activations, new payment innovations and our diverse group of Team Visa athletes.


Nancy Hartley's Cannes Diary: Day Four + Five

IMG_6403.jpgNancy Hartley (centre), creative partner, Rumble Creative & Media is Australia's representative on the Outdoor Lions jury. Hartley along with most of the Australian and NZ jurors, is reporting exclusively for CB.

"It makes me sick to my core." This was the reaction of one of the jurors on first sighting the work that we would eventually award Grand Prix. Deep envy is a timeless barometer of great work.

Gemma Ross' Cannes Diary: Final wrap up

IMG_1292.jpgGemma Ross, co-founder and director, Hustle & Bustle is NZ's representative on the Promo & Activation Lions jury. Ross, along with most of the Australian and NZ jurors, is reporting exclusively for CB.

That's a wrap.

In the wee hours of Monday morning after 17 hours of deliberating we emerged from a dark room in the Palais with an impressive list of Lions and an exceptional Grand Prix winner.

Over six days our jury of 25 led by our esteemed President, Rob Rielly, has embraced, analysed and debated 3,452 entries from 17 countries.

What was clear from the outset was this category is by far the most relevant and exciting for the times. I'd go as far as saying a showcase of some of the best work in the Festival. The opportunity to connect brands with its existing and potential consumers via meaningful interactions has never been so fertile.
McWhopper Packaging Proposal BirdsEyeView 2-SMALL-thumb-400x263-207423.jpgY&R NZ has scored a Bronze Lion in the PR Lions category for Burger King 'McWhopper'.

The Grand Prix was awarded to Forsman & Bodenfors Gothernbury for Co-Ops "The Organic Effect".

19 Gold Lions were awarded in this category.

VIEW THE WINNERS - PR Lions Winners.xlsx
2-thumb-400x400-205011.jpgNew Zealand has had a huge haul in the Cannes Outdoor Lions category with Colenso BBDO scoring the Outdoor Grand Prix for DB Export 'Brewtroleum'. In Outdoor NZ has scored one Grand Prix, three Gold Lions, five Silver Lions and five Bronze Lions.

Colenso BBDO scored one Grand Prix, two Gold Lions and one Bronze. Y&R NZ has scored one Gold Lion, four Silver Lions and one Bronze. DDB NZ has picked up a Silver Lion plus a Bronze and FCB NZ has picked up two Bronze Lions.
Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 3.45.47 pm-thumb-400x213-223838.jpgY&R NZ has secured a Silver and a Bronze in the Cannes Design Lions, presented tonight in Cannes.

Y&R has won the two Lions for its Jaguar 'Actual Reality' work produced by 8.

Dentsu Inc Tokyo has won the Design Lions Grand Prix for Panasonic's 'Life is Electric'.

VIEW THE WINNERS: Design Lions Winners.xlsx

Mandy Galmes' Cannes Diary: Day Four + Five

IMG_6905.jpgMandy Galmes, co-founder and MD, Fuel Communications is Australia's representative on the PR Lions jury. Galmes along with most of the Australian and NZ jurors, is reporting exclusively for CB.
It's been a long five days in the jury room and today was the day the shortlist had to finally come together.
After a marathon 12 hours of judging on Saturday, we left The Palais late in the evening.



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